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Dave and Dave

David Ellington and I played a duo gig at JCT Kitchen on the west side of Atlanta tonight.  I think we've done about six or seven of these sax/organ gigs now.

Good gig, though it was really hot for a while.  We were in the shade behind the fake silo, and then I was in the sun and Dave was in the shade (and my horn got really sharp).  Finally, the sun slipped behind the lofts across the parking lot, and then we were in the dark.

Check out our sounds:

JCT gig number four.  Next time I intend to order something other than the cheeseburger.


Yacht Rock played a run of the mill corporate party last night.  The optimistic plan was that after the dinner and awards, everybody would stick around to party and dance the Wednesday night away.  Worst case scenario, the awards end and everybody leaves the room.  For the most part, that's what we got.  It didn't help that the bar station was out in the pre function area.  We played to around twenty-five people (fifteen of which were seated around two tables in the back of the room).  Our handler was super cool about everything, though.

Other random things...I packed my stage clothes except for shirts, so halfway to the gig I had to turn around and go home;  I was forty-five minutes late to load in, but still set up in time for soundcheck...the load in at the Intercon in Buckhead is terrible...we did the ice bucket challenge, and it got me, though my hat took the brunt of it (you can watch it here: subbed for …

Bump City

Monday night, I had another opportunity to sub on bari sax with Bumpin' the Mango at Cafe 290.  In case you don't know, BtM is a funk/soul band in the style of Tower of Power--five horns, rhythm section, and a vocalist.  It's awesome fun!  I love the music and the band.  Rarely do I get to hang out with a bunch of other horn players these days.

It was a great night!  I got to stand next to John Sandfort all night--one of my favorite sax players in town.  Fantastic stuff.

Can't wait to do this one again!

Park Tavern

Yacht Rock was back at the Park Tavern a month after our triumphant Revival (July 19).   Pretty huge crowd!  Presales were just about a thousand people, so I think we came close to the maximum.  They were really into it, too, which made for a really fun show.  I was kind of lukewarm about playing this gig, but the energy from everybody made it pretty exciting.

 It was really hot, particularly for the first set.  Even with my fan, I was soaked by the time we took a break;  so sweaty that it made playing flute on Lowdown especially difficult, as a I couldn't keep the flute in one spot on my face.  The second set was better.  Maybe the heat of the day had finally dissipated enough.

My performance was mixed.  I played well in the first set until the end, when a few weird notes began to creep into some chords on Go Your Own Way.  Basically I kept hitting E instead of F, which made my Bb triad a #4 and my F major triads major 7th chords, neither of which is accurate or appropriate for…

Weekend Roundup

Uhhhh...Saturday evening, Yacht Rock played a wedding at the History Center.  I would rank this among my least favorite load ins--you either run everything up through the door off the courtyard (into the elevator), or you compete with the catering truck to get stuff through the loading dock.  Either way is a drag, with a cranky elevator in either situation.  I forget about it because we don't play here very often.  It's a beautiful room, but getting up there is a pain.

We got upstairs only to find out that the stage was the incorrect size (I believe 16x16 instead of 16x24), so we were a bit snug, but it didn't really matter.  We were able to get everything on stage in our usual configuration.

The gig was pretty good.  The bride and groom are big fans, and so everybody knew what they were getting into--captain's hats were distributed and away we went.  A lovely crowd, hats or no hats.

The first dance shredded my throat--Sam Cooke's You Send Me.  The backing vocals a…

Beatles OTP

The Yacht Rock guys (plus Paul Poovey on trumpet) brought our Beatles tribute out to 37 Main in Johns Creek last night--our first time at this venue and one of the only times we've ever played the Fab Four beyond Smith's Olde Bar.

Pretty good show overall.  The whole room felt acoustically controlled--the PA was loud, but there weren't a lot of reflective surfaces to bounce sound.  It felt like we were playing pretty hard, but the stage sound never got very loud.  It was fine with me--I could everything on stage without it getting washy.

This is a new 37 Main (the other is on Main Street in Duluth).  Nice place!  Good size room, good food/hospitality, good staff, easy load in.  I'll take it!  The only weirdness I can think of is the air conditioning vent that was directly above the horn section, causing some tuning anomalies and a constant fight to keep our charts on the music stand.  The other peculiarity was that the hazer (for the lights) was inside the drum riser,…


Henry Conerway III, David Ellington, and I played a superb gig last night.  I brought a PA, but we didn't turn it on until the gig was over (I played music off my phone while we packed up).  We thought it would be a polite gig (dessert music), but the eight hundred people standing in front of us were loud, and they didn't care how hard we played, so we went for it.

Check out the tunes!  This gig was only an hour long (seven songs).  Not too shabby for a Wednesday night!

The Ceremony (for a change)

No Yacht Rock gigs this weekend, but Mark Dannells and I were hired to play a wedding ceremony-classical flute and guitar.  It was easy and fun and only took an hour.  We played them in, and we played them out.
We snickered as the band sound checked for the reception (usually it's us sound checking and looking upon the ceremony musicians with disdain).  
Anyway, it was a piece of cake, and of course we sat in the back and made jokes the whole time.  
Hopefully we'll be hired again!  Here's our demo, by the way (in case you've never heard it).


David Ellington and I brought our sax/organ duo to The Optimist last night.  We'd never played there before, and I think both of us were pleasantly surprised to find the space and the vibe to be very cool. We were outside in the courtyard, which gave us plenty of room to set up.

Rain had been intermittent;  both of us encountered plenty of it on the way to the gig (Dave reported that all the stoplights downtown were out).  We played about a set and a half before we had to stop--even though we were under and overhang, there was still some moisture getting on our equipment.  The Optimist even provided a tarp to put over Dave's organ.

After the rain delay we got back to work, but the next shower was much more powerful, and management thought it best that we pack up instead of trying to wait it out.  We ended up cutting off about the last thirty minutes of our gig.

What we did play was fun, though!  Check out the sounds we made.  If you listen to my solo on The Sidewinder, you c…


First gig ever for Yacht Rock in Mississippi.  I haven't been to Biloxi since the 70s, so I really had no feel for what this one would be like.  It turns out that Biloxi is a mix of Florida panhandle and Vegas. Think of that what you will.

Due to the preordained load in time of 11 AM Saturday, we had to leave Atlanta the day before.  As we left town, we passed this person on Monroe/Boulevard, possibly moving into a new place?  It was the first day of the month.  Consider the man who carries and iron and a Clockwork Orange poster.  What's he up to?

We stopped in Mobile for dinner.  I had three cups of gumbo. Yeeeaaaaaaahhhhh.  And a salad.  Good stuff.  After that, we did a little shopping.  Remember how I forgot underwear on the tour to the midwest?  This trip, I forgot my whole damn suitcase.  Packed it and everything, but it never made it out the door.  Nice work.  Anyway, I had to buy toiletries, underwear, and a couple of t shirts.  Nothing I won't use down the line, …