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The Good, The Bad, and The Unplugged

Another weekend of we go:

But first--more keyboard stand stuff!  I think that The Great Bencuya and I have settled on a keyboard stand that doesn't feel too flimsy, still holds the keyboards at good heights, and breaks down for travel in an acceptable amount of time.  My/our next quest:  how to protect these suckers when they're in a trailer full of gear.  A road case with slots for each keyboard stand would be ideal, but the size of each stand would necessitate a large and heavy box (each stand is 51 x 26 x 6 inches) that would cost several times more than the $100 stands they were protecting, and who's to say that the stands might not still break in the usual spot where the second tier arms connect to the main part of the stand?

My compromise:  padded bags, each costing $125 to give the stands some protection.  A bit awkward to deal with, but better than a mover's blanket and a bungie cord.  I also bought a third bag for protecting a backup keyboard stan…

Florida and the Midwest

Yacht Rock had an usual weekend of travel this past weekend, with two dates in Florida, and then a night in Indiana and a night in Chicago.  Every gig was very different from the others, making the daily question "What are we in for today?"  Here's what I remember of the trip.
Thursday:  our gear left in the van and trailer Wednesday with Hans at the wheel.  We flew down to Miami to meet it.
Last minute phone time before take off.

We got into South Florida just ahead of the day's first pop up shower, which hit right as we parked to go find lunch.

After an OK lunch (the food was good, but it took almost forever for it to be served), we headed to the venue, a very modern hotel in Miami Beach.  Unfortunately, the shipping and receiving guys didn't quite know what to do with us, and we had to hang out for a few minutes before our path was cleared.  More phone time (except for Zach).

This was one of our worst load ins ever.  From the loading dock, it was down the hall…