Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This week, Yacht Rock is headed out of town on a cruise.  We're actually headed out to play a gig on a boat!  In anticipation of this event (Rock Boat X), we added a few new tunes.  The big one for me was FM by Steely Dan, which features a humongous tenor sax solo by Pete Christlieb (who also did the solo on Deacon Blues).  Here's a look at what I wrote down.  The stuff at the end (where they band is vamping an Pete's going nuts) is a little weird because I was writing it down at 2 AM, and it wasn't easy to notate what he was playing.
When we played this tune in rehearsal, I got a massive adrenaline rush.  I mean, those first four measures are familiar to everybody with ears.  The opportunity to play it for real was spine tingling.  Plus, I was sightreading it on four hours of sleep!

As with my Maneater post, you can click on anyone of the above jpegs to view a much more readable version.