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Two almost local gigs for Yacht Rock this weekend.

Friday: We played an amphitheater show in Lagrange, Georgia, which was down I-85 to just north of Columbus--so it took me about an hour and forty minutes. The parking/load in spot was on a one way road (with a nearby road closure to complicate things), and I managed to spend twenty-five minutes doing laps around the place trying to find my way to the one way road (I finally just drove the wrong way down the road, and I suspect that I wasn't the only one). When I finally made it, maaaaaan I was pissed.

Also, it was pretty damn hot, and being in the shade was great, but still really hot.

Nice venue, though the local crew was kind of redneck-y and not very helpful or interested in us.

Pretty good gig overall. It stayed hot, but it wasn't really miserable (I wonder if the 9 PM start time was an attempt to beat the heat?); the crowd was older and white and mostly stayed in their seats, except for a some wild people off to the side. …

The Long Run

Every time we play a gig in Houston, all I can think of is the line from the Eagles' The Long Run that goes, "All the debutants in Houston couldn't hold a candle to you." It has no bearing on anything we're doing, but that line always ends up stuck in my head. Frickin' love the Eagles (until Don Henley and Glenn Frey went insane).

Thursday: Got up and flew to Houston. 

And the approach was a little bumpy! Here's Mark Dannells in full grip.

We arrived in the city a few hours before we could even load in, so I killed time with a run around the town.

Refueling with the House of Blues chips and salsa. I was hungry, but this salsa was terrible--kind of a spicy tomato soup. What the hell?

On with the show. We had a really solid first night in Texas, and the crowd was really great for a Thursday.

The Houses of Blues continue with the same stuff...a good sounding stage and enough green room space, but the venue is dirty and the staff is burned out.