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Utah --> Atlanta Redux

Wednesday: Yacht Rock had a corporate gig in Utah Thursday, and we were fortunately able to fly out Wednesday night. As I've gotten older, it's a lot more difficult to fly across the country and play a gig that night--my brain invariably starts to misfire at some point during the show. It's worth the extra time away from home to not feel miserable on stage.
I picked up Bencuya at his house and we headed to downtown at 4:45. Fighting traffic and weather, it took us over an hour to reach the airport. The plane was also a little late, and we were slightly delayed while the previous flight emptied. We boarded and then sat at the gate, waiting some weather to pass. We finally made it out to the runway, only to abort the takeoff because of wind sheer (that was nuts!--full throttle, then the engines pulled back, then full again, then we basically rolled to a stop).

Once we finally got airborne, it was a smooth flight, and skies were clear across the country.

Thursday: Park City ag…

Different Stuff

The last time I wrote something in my blog, I probably mentioned that rehearsals for the musical Footloose were just underway. This week, we finished up rehearsals and performed the show three times, all three without any heart stopping disasters. In the middle of all of that, I also played as loud as I could for a few hours. Dig it:

Tuesday: Afternoon/evening rehearsal. The band was still a bit clunky, but already we were fitting our parts together much better as we learned the music and the flow of the show, as well as the way things sounded in the room.

Speaking of sounds: the audio guys in the theater decided to rectify the amplification problem (2 keyboards, 2 guitars, and bass all coming out of one or two floor monitors) by giving four of us (guitar 1, guitar 2, bass, and me) a headphone amp and four sets of headphones...and one mix to listen to. I was not in the mix, so I pretty much immediately took the headphones off and listened to the keyboards (still coming through the spea…

This Week

This week in Dave History:

Tuesday: Did I mention that Yacht Rock is recording some original material for an album? I can't remember, and frankly, I don't feel like looking. Anyway, rhythm section (bass, drums, guitar, keyboards) stuff was recorded over the last two weeks, and then I wrote horn parts based on that. My usual plan was to record demo versions at home and submit them to the people in charge.

Monday night, I finally got some specific feedback from the people in charge, and so Tuesday was a very long day of writing more and editing things, finishing just after 3 AM with multiple parts for the three horn songs printed, taped together, and ready to go.

Wednesday: Up at 8 AM to get caffeinated and head to the studio. Rob Opitz (trumpet), Richard Sherrington (trombone), and I recorded three songs, and then I went back and overdubbed more sax parts, and then I put solos on a few songs, sax parts on a song, flute parts on a song, and then another sax solo on another song. T…

Super Bowl Week

Woo! I'd kind of given up on the idea that there'd be a bunch of gigs around the Super Bowl--things just aren't like they were twenty years ago in Atlanta, but maybe it's quality over quantity this time? Nah.

Wednesday: I played with Scott Glazer's Mojo Dojo alongside Mace Hibbard (tenor), Dave Yoke (guitar), Dan Lawrence (piano), and Will Groth (drums) at Blind Willie's in Virginia Highland. Blind Willie's is an Atlanta institution of sorts, so I thought that maybe there'd be some Super Bowl traffic, but it was just another Wednesday night there. Sal Paolantonio (of ESPN fame) did walk in early in the gig and requested some Allman Bros (we sightread Southbound for him). He left before we finished the first set.

Other than that!...nice hang. Mace killed me on a night when I just couldn't come up with anything to play. Late in the gig, I had one good solo on Hummingbird, but the rest of the night, I was pretty lame.

Sunday: Yacht Rock was invited to pl…