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Sin and Salvation

The gigs continue!  Following Thursday's Eddie Money experience, we played a wedding reception, a dive bar, and a church parking lot.

Saturday:  We played a friend of the band's wedding in Johns Creek.  Nothing unusual about this reception to report, though the crowd was waaaaaaay above average in looks.  Also, the pre-gig meal was excellent.  The only crappy thing about this gig was the load in/out.  At the end of the night, pushing our gear through down a wet, dirty hallway with broken glass was kind of crappy.

Sunday:  Up at the crack of dawn to fly to Dallas, TX for a gig.  We played a birthday party at a dive bar near SMU.  The guy in the seat next to me transformed into a mummy soon after we took off.
Thankfully, we had no problems with Delta even though we were flying a ton of gear--four keyboards, my sax box (with 2 saxes, EWI, flute, piccolo, and 2 sax stands), and a bass guitar checked.  Maybe our hometown airline is getting it together?  The guy mentioned something a…

Rock Show in Orlando

What an amazing experience!  Yacht Rock backed up several bonafide rock gods for a corporate event in Orlando Thursday night.  Eddie Money.  Jeff Carlisi (.38 Special).  Gary Wright (Dreamweaver).  Bill Champlin (Chicago).  Steve Augeri (Journey).  Epic.  Incredible.  Unforgettable.

Here's how it all went down.

Wednesday:  We were back at the Buckhead Theatre for another event--this time some sort of liquor distributor convention.  One set in the afternoon.  To say that the crowd was not interested in what we were doing would be an understatement.  Usually that would open the door for us to be silly, but this gig remained pretty tame.

Whatever was going on last week where my hands wouldn't work is gone.  I'm back to normal.

Afterwards, Hans and Pete loaded the trailer.

The rest of us were no help.

Hans took us to the airport and we headed to Orlando.

Out of the van and straight into a late night rehearsal in one of the largest convention halls I've ever seen.

The fir…