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Turkey Eve 2017

Turkey Eve 2017 was two sets at Venkman's: an unplugged set at 7 PM and then a regular performance at 10 PM.

7 PM: A pretty easy set. Two factors were in play here: 1. Nick was sick with a cold, so we avoided a few songs that were too difficult or would have shredded his voice for the later set; 2. the "unplugged" nature of the show allows us to take a few more liberties, so things like the EWI solo in Hey Nineteen could be fudged to make it fit on a saxophone. No gear problems for me in this one.

Check it out:

10: PM: Again, nothing scary or unusual about this one, and no gear problems either. We had a drinking crowd this evening, which bumped up the energy in the room quite a bit. The regular set ended with a really exemplary drum solo by Mark Cobb on Lido Shuffle.

We've got two gigs in Louisiana this week:

Thursday night, we're at the House of Blues in New Orleans
Friday night, we're at The Varsity in Baton Rouge

Two in South Carolina

Here's a bit of an oddity from last week's calendar: Yacht Rock had a gig in South Carolina on Thursday, drove home on Friday, drove back to South Carolina for a gig on Saturday, and came home again on Sunday. Lots of time snoozing and looking at my phone in the van over those four days.
Thursday: Gig #1 was some sort of multi day food festival in Palmetto Bluff--I never did quite catch on to exactly what was going on, probably because I was asleep in the back seat of the van for most of the ride.

At the center of this small festival was a three level treehouse. Super cool.

This gig was pretty great, except...that it was 50 degrees outside! That's really not a great temperature for playing wind instruments (especially when they sit for half a gig before I pick one up). My hands got pretty cold, too. It was rough. We finished at 10 PM, so thankfully it wasn't a very late night.

I thought I'd fixed my laptop, but the same creeping mouse pointer things occurred. Just …

Double Sundae

Two gigs on Sunday (and one's a church gig!)--I haven't done that in a while. The church gig was as part of a horn section for a contemporary service in Buckhead. It was pretty simple stuff, which was good because it was really early to be thinking about key signatures and stuff. The band and the music lived up to pretty much every cliche about that genre.

My major gig of the day was playing lead tenor (yikes!) with the Atlanta Latin Jazz Orchestra as part of a benefit for Puerto Rico. The band's repertoire is really fun to play, and I had a solid week of working on the stuff in preparation. I played well except for my one solo (trading with the other guys in the sax section), which was total musical vomit. The hang with everybody was really great, though, and as always, I met a couple of more really great local players with whom I hadn't yet shared a stage.

Orquestra Macuba followed us up with the best salsa music in Atlanta. Fantastic stuff.

Arby's, Athens

Two more Yacht Rock gigs this week.

Wednesday night, we played a corporate gig in Atlanta--an easy enough gig. The hardest/worst part of it was the load in and out of the Intercontinental Hotel--a really long walk from the loading dock to the freight elevator (don't forget to go to the security office first and turn in your driver's license before you do anything). Anyway, finished at 10, home at midnight.

Friday: Our show at the Georgia Theatre in Athens sold out mid week, which was a little bit startling, since we hadn't played a gig there since early January.

A couple of things from this one...we started the show with Sailing, and even though I thought I was over it, every step from the green room down to the stage bumped up my anxiety, and by the time I sat down at my keyboards, I had so much adrenaline going, I thought I was going to throw up. I made it through with no mistakes, but the rush leading up to it knocked me out for four or five songs.

I wiped the dust off my…

More Cruising

After a quick two days off, Yacht Rock was back on the high seas, this time sailing on the Norwegian Pearl as part of the Impractical Jokers Cruise. This was not a music-themed cruise, so we had pretty low expectations about the attendance at our shows. We were correct.

Wednesday: The boat sailed from New Orleans, our first time leaving this port. Definitely not as well organized as things have been in the past. The company that hosts these cruises, Sixthman, seems to have had enough turnover with their staff that we are no longer given any sort of favoritism--we're just another band on the boat. Where have all the hipsters gone?

Our first show of the cruise was at the sail away, so we got on the boat, ate lunch, and headed to the stage to set up.

Looking at this photo, you'd think we were off to a good start with this crowd, but all of these people were on the deck because the stars of the show were making their way through the audience, pausing for selfies.

It had never occur…