Double Sundae

Two gigs on Sunday (and one's a church gig!)--I haven't done that in a while. The church gig was as part of a horn section for a contemporary service in Buckhead. It was pretty simple stuff, which was good because it was really early to be thinking about key signatures and stuff. The band and the music lived up to pretty much every cliche about that genre.

My major gig of the day was playing lead tenor (yikes!) with the Atlanta Latin Jazz Orchestra as part of a benefit for Puerto Rico. The band's repertoire is really fun to play, and I had a solid week of working on the stuff in preparation. I played well except for my one solo (trading with the other guys in the sax section), which was total musical vomit. The hang with everybody was really great, though, and as always, I met a couple of more really great local players with whom I hadn't yet shared a stage.

Orquestra Macuba followed us up with the best salsa music in Atlanta. Fantastic stuff.

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