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March Mojo Dojo

Scott Glazer called me Tuesday about playing with his group Mojo Dojo Wednesday night at Blind Willie's. What a great group of guys he'd assembled--John Sandfort on tenor sax, Brandon Bush on keyboard, Micah Caldwell on guitar, Justin Chesarek on drums, and Scott on bass! I had a wonderful time listening, hanging out, and hanging on with the high level of musicianship. Maaaaan! Everybody played well, and everybody was really cool. One of my favorite times playing this gig.

Vegas 2017

What a crappy weekend for Daylight Savings Time! We made it to our hotel in LA around 2 AM, which instantly became 3 AM (spring forward!), and then we were out the door back towards Las Vegas at 8 AM. Ouch.

This week's Vegas gig was a corporate event at Mandalay Bay. It's our fourth year playing this event, though the format has changed from an "American Idol" style show with seven or eight featured songs to more of a "Tonight Show" band thing, playing short snippets of songs (around fifty-five in total) to cover the transitions between speakers, awards, and video presentations.

We made it back to Vegas around lunchtime, ate, set up, and sat around at a rehearsal for a few hours. Very little music was made. Thank god for the mindlessness of smart phones. We were released around 7 PM.

Previously, we've always stayed at Mandalay Bay, but this year our hotel rooms were next door in the Luxor. I was curious to see what rooms would look like inside the pyra…

Vegas and LA

The beginning of a long week.
Friday: We assembled at the Atlanta airport for our flight to Las Vegas, where we would meet our gear and faithful crew of Kip and Zach for a public performance at the Silverton Casino. The van and trailer had left three days and 2,000 miles earlier.

The gig was a public show at the casino's event facility, which was sort of a permanent tent off the side of the main building. The whole thing was rather surprising--1. that anyone would show up, 2. that anyone would know who we were, 3. that the place actually sounded pretty good! A nice size stage and an easy load in, and one ninety minute set eased us back into gigging.

Saturday: Mid morning, we loaded up the van and headed to Los Angeles. The local crew guy in Vegas tried to scare us into thinking it would take eight hours with traffic (for a four hour trip), but we fortunately didn't believe him.

I'd never made this trip across the desert before. It's really beautiful.

We made a pit stop …