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Georgia Theatre + 1

The Yacht Rock Revue made a long awaited trip to Athens to play at the Georgia Theatre Friday night. 

Good news! After my rough night at the Variety Playhouse last weekend, I was back to my more normal self. Things felt great, and I had a good night playing. In particular, I had a fun solo at the end of Africa. We had a full house (850-875 people) of attentive adults. The whole night restored my faith in what I'm doing.

Saturday night was a private event in Atlanta. They were very particular about us possibly saying anything negative (going so far as to threaten withholding payment), so I'll just say that the Georgia Theatre show was a lot more fun.

Restaurant Gig!

I played a random restaurant gig last night with a female blues/pop vocalist and a pianist in a Mexican restaurant in a suburban strip shopping center north of Atlanta. Make sense?

It was cool, though, because:

1. The pianist was Dustin Cottrell--it was great to catch up with him again
2. The gig was all improvisational for me, and I am sorely out of shape in that regard
3. I got to practice clarinet beyond the scales and stuff I do at home
4. It was an easy gig for a Tuesday night--free food and we were paid in cash!

Not So

Yacht Rock was back at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta for the first time since the beginning of the year, bringing our annual show of Michael Jackson's Thriller to the stage.

The newly renovated Variety Playhouse looks great! It is now very reminiscent of the Georgia Theatre in Athens (another beautiful room).

On to the bad stuff...

My playing was very disappointing. For whatever reason, I began second guessing myself at soundcheck, and I never could break free of it. I'd played through all of the new songs every day the week of the show, and by Wednesday night I felt really good. I was kind of cocky about it, like when you know the answer on the test before the question has even been asked.

All of that evaporated at the gig. By the middle of the second set, I was pretty miserable--the accumulation of a bunch of small mistakes ate away at me.

A few videos from the show:

One More Trip

After the big Yacht Rock trip, I finally made it home Wednesday afternoon. Friday, I was gone again, this time headed to Alabama for a weird gig. It might have been some sort of debutante ball, or a gathering of young Trump supporters.
Greg, Mark Dannells, and I were recruited to help fill out the band for a Yacht Rock Schooner gig that none of them could do. In addition to the three of us, we had Ian and Tony from Bumpin' the Mango and Cole from The Shadowboxers. Tom Young was the only actual member of the Schooner on the gig! Ian and I soon started calling this version of the band Spare Parts.

In spite of our situation, the gig was fine. Things were surprisingly cohesive, and the crowd didn't know us well enough to see that we were almost all subs. Plus...they were super drunk. Look no further than they guy in the tuxedo who massaged one of the front line monitors for most of the second set, or the girl whom Greg walked in on while she was peeing on the floor of the storage…

Ten Days

Yacht Rock just finished one of our longest trips as a band--ten days away from home! We started with 219 hours and counted down (estimating our return to be 2 PM on the last day).

Warning:  this blog is mostly going to be pictures! The gigs weren't as interesting as the locations. Here we go!

Monday:  We flew to L.A. It feels like an all day flight, and when you get there, people are eating lunch.

Our first gig was to be a corporate event on Tuesday, but it's too far to fly and then play (especially if the gig is going to go until midnight on the west coast), so we came out a day early and spent the day night in Torrance, CA.

We brought a camera crew along to capture some of our day to day lives. The first order of business: a video shoot in Hermosa Beach.

After the sun went down, we returned to the hotel, showered off the sand, and headed out for food and drinks at Hudson House, a hole-in-the-wall bar on the way to the beach.

Tuesday: Before heading out to our gig, I had time…