Not So

Yacht Rock was back at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta for the first time since the beginning of the year, bringing our annual show of Michael Jackson's Thriller to the stage.

The newly renovated Variety Playhouse looks great! It is now very reminiscent of the Georgia Theatre in Athens (another beautiful room).

On to the bad stuff...

My playing was very disappointing. For whatever reason, I began second guessing myself at soundcheck, and I never could break free of it. I'd played through all of the new songs every day the week of the show, and by Wednesday night I felt really good. I was kind of cocky about it, like when you know the answer on the test before the question has even been asked.

All of that evaporated at the gig. By the middle of the second set, I was pretty miserable--the accumulation of a bunch of small mistakes ate away at me.

A few videos from the show:

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