I was trying to think of a clever title for this blog post--something about how we didn't really travel in the sense that there was an airport or a long day in the van. This past weekend we hit Athens, Chattanooga, and Atlanta. Not local, but regional? Short trip? Athchattatl? So...not quite local. I woke up in my own bed every day, but I also saw some monotonous interstate. Here we go:

Athens: Weren't we just here? Yes, but it was Stop Making Sense. This was a regular Yacht Rock show, and it sold out weeks ago, which is fun because the vibe at the Georgia Theatre is really hip. We played well, too (though goddamn I Just Wanna Stop is still kicking my ass). I had a good alto solo on Reminiscing, a song which has come back into our sets very recently, and a good flute solo on Lowdown. After however many years, my body has stopped trying to solo on flute like it's a saxophone--my embouchure would kind of fall apart during improvisations.

Set One:

Set Two:

I also purchased a c…


I played at Blind Willie's in Virginia-Highland last night with Scott Glazer's Mojo Dojo, alongside John Sandfort, Nick Johnson, Jez Graham, and Adam Goodhue. A great hang, but it was sooo loud, sooo loud. I'm deaf.

Everybody on this gig is good, but I must mention how great it was to stand next to John Sandfort all night, with his huge sound, great time, and killer ideas. Love his playing.

Scott has some crazy stories, and last night he introduced Sam and Dave's Broke Down Piece of Man by saying that Sam had sung at Col. Bruce's 70th Birthday Party at The Fox here in Atlanta, and he went through the whole thing about Bruce collapsing onstage and ultimately dying at the end of the night, and how he'd afterwards talked to one of the musicians who was  on stage at the time--he just got completely off track from Sam and Dave for several minutes in describing Col. Bruce's night, and at the end of the story he turned around to Nick and said, "Ni…


Our tour of Texas--before it gets too hot. Actually, it got really cold there for a day! Check it out:
Thursday: Houston House of Blues. We flew to Houston early enough to take a long lunch before load in. Around 4:30, the gear started coming up from the street. 
I'm trying to think of the last House of Blues we were in that didn't sound that great...maybe New Orleans? This stage is really nice.

There was still time to kill after soundcheck, so I went for a short run around the city. The weather was overcast and low 70s, which felt pretty good.

So, on to the gig...which was just really sloppy. We were tripping over each other all night. It was not good. I couldn't wait to get off stage.

Friday: We had a private event scheduled in Stafford, TX tonight as the monetary anchor of the trip. Stafford is right outside of Houston, so we had most of the day to kill. I did some more exploring on foot.

The fundraiser was at a place called the Redneck Country Club, and it looked to be …

Stop Making Sense and The Signal

Some different stuff this weekend! Dig it:
Thursday: Yacht Rock road tripped to Athens to play the Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense at the Georgia Theatre. Most importantly (to me), this was the debut of my new Prophet 6 synthesizer--a pretty awesome machine, especially considering how small my role is in this show. I shopped around and considered several different synths (price tags and analog vs. virtual analog) before finally biting the bullet. This is the real thing.

Highlights from the post-soundcheck pre-gig run...

Saved By the Band opened with a very strong set of covers.

The room was nowhere close to full, but there were enough people there to give us some positive feedback--maybe 300 in attendance? That was just fine, as we needed a shot at this show before our Friday night back in Atlanta.

Once I got going, I was fine, but I blanked on the first thing I was supposed to play, and I just stood on stage thinking, "Why does this sound so weird?" It's because yo…