Yacht Rock played the Georgia Theatre in Athens last Saturday night, a sold out show without the drunken football madness. We managed to sell it out for either the third or fourth time.

It was good to get back on the horse, gig-wise. My brain didn't start to crumble until the last four or five songs--all of the sudden, I was missing parts and playing string lines that were a fourth away from where they were supposed to be in All Night Long. Raspberry Beret was ok, but then I crashed through most of I'm So Excited, and then snapped back to normal.

In other news, I almost got I Just Wanna Stop completely right. That string part is tough.


Yacht Rock played a weird corporate gig in downtown Atlanta Wednesday afternoon. It felt like a concert in the food court at a mall. Surprisingly, the monitor mix sounded really good, but the vibe was pretty lame.

Home by 9:30 PM. Not bad.

New Year's Eve

I was thinking about it the other night--this is my twenty-fourth consecutive New Year's Eve gig. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I guess that if I didn't have a gig:  1. I'd be incredibly jealous of everybody who was working when I was sitting home; 2. probably not do anything different than I usually do--practice and stay up late poking around on the internet. So yeah, I'll take the gig and the money.

Yacht Rock was back at Park Tavern again, where we've played the overwhelming majority of NYE gigs. There's nothing great to say about this one, but it was pretty easy, and it was over by around 12:15 AM. Our gear was even loaded in and out for us. Not a bad night.

Before and After Christmas

Things have slowed waaaaaaaay down since mid December, but I did play a few more gigs here and there. My church gig continues to chug along, and because Christmas Eve was during the week, I got an extra service out of it. I also got a call to play two services after that with some friends at another church, so three on the night, which was pretty cool. All on flute, which was good...and tiring! I made the mistake of doing a normal day's worth of practicing at home, then playing all the prelude Christmas carols, and then playing the mass, so by the second service, my face was starting to get pretty fried. I recovered by midnight mass, but if this happens again, I guess I have to either play more leading up to the big day, or play less and literally save face!

On the Friday after Christmas, the Yacht Rock Revue played a show at the Alabama Theatre in Birmingham. What a beautiful place!

Lots of places to explore...

It's a really cool building--kind of reminds me of the "old …

Big Gig Week

This week of December is usually one of the busiest of the year, with Saturday usually being the pinnacle. There's even a term for this--#gigmas--which is slung around social media. In Atlanta, it seems to be a favorite of trumpet players, but my quick search of the internet indicates that it is also shared with oboists. Interesting.

Anyway, beyond this date (this year it's the 15th), the calendar slows down for most musicians. For us at Yacht Rock, we were fortunate to have two mid week gigs before our big holiday special on the 15th.

Tuesday: The Miller Theatre in Augusta. Beautiful room, easy load in, multiple dressing rooms, great acoustics. We played some sort of fundraiser that was not particularly well attended.

Still, what a great room! I would love to come back here for a regular Yacht Rock show. Excellent on all counts.

Thursday: Stamford, Connecticut. We had an early flight--9:40 AM--which meant that the carpool meet up was at 7:45, which meant that I had to leave hom…


I was fortunate to be available to play with Bumpin' the Mango Monday night, holding down the bari parts in a five piece horn section. The band is really good, the charts are great, and the song selection is fantastic--it's a thrill to take on a lot of the classic Tower of Power tunes and similar music. On top of the that, it's a good hang. Some of these guys I've known for twenty years at this point.

It went well, I think. Everybody seemed EXTREMELY happy with my playing, which makes me 1. wonder what the other subs have been doing on the gig; and 2. hope that I never get called again, because I already feel the pressure to live up to whatever I did Monday night.

Anyway, here are the two sets:

Chattanooga and Dalton

Friday night, we headed up I-75 for a show at The Signal in Chattanooga. We hadn't been here since the end of March. Good to be back! This was an excellent show--the crowd of around a thousand was fun but not obnoxious, the room sounded great, and we played well. Nick is still fighting his cold, so the setlist avoided most of his more difficult songs.

Saturday's gig in Dalton was only a half hour away, so killed a lot of time in Chattanooga before heading there. For me, it was the usual combination of sleeping as late as possible, getting some exercise, and then finding lunch. Pete and I dined at an Indian restaurant on Market Street.

This evening's show was a corporate Christmas party in the convention center. At the start of it, the most enticing thing was that were able to put the van and trailer inside the building, just behind the stage (making for a quick and dry load out).

The first set was a snoozer. On the break, we were all thinking about wandering through the nex…