The Yacht Rock Revue doesn't play very often in Atlanta these days, but we managed to string together three gigs last weekend in town--a rare feat!
Thursday: Norcross, GA. We played at a business party behind a building in an industrial park. They were more of a listening crowd than a dancing crowd, so it was a bit odd when they wanted us to play overtime. A pretty painless night, with the only hiccup being midway through the first set when the power went out. The audience didn't seem to notice, though. I think we got away with it!

Friday: Our second attempt at covering the Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense. All in all, better than the first time. My feeling was we were much more relaxed about it and played the songs instead of our individual parts. It's always fun to do something different. Keisha and Kourtney on background vocals, and Jason Nackers on drums.

We're going to hit this show again early next year at the Variety Playhouse (it's sold out twice at Venkm…

New: Jersey, York

Weren't we just here? Back to the northeast for a two more gigs.
Friday: Montclair, New Jersey. We flew into LaGuardia, hopped in the van, and headed to west.

The Wellmont Theater: never been here before. It's a humungous cavern of a room, originally constructed in the 1920s as a movie house.

Overall, a pretty decent show. We had four or five hundred people show up, which is always encouraging in a new market. The sound was a little weird because of the reflections of the room. No major musical disasters, though.

Saturday: Off to the Hamptons. The drive from New Jersey to eastern Long Island took much, much longer than you'd think--even on a Saturday.

Our gig for the evening was a wedding reception in Sag Harbor, situated in an open tent in the backyard of a multi-million dollar house.

The gig was easy. Early in the gig, we were asked to stop playing because everyone was already on the dance floor and no one was eating!

Our performance in the second set was particularly ene…

The Highs and Lows of the Weekend

Back on the gigs, which these days guarantees at least one airport, but probably two.

Wednesday: Flew to New York City for a private gig on a boat--one of those "cruise around Manhattan" kind of things. We cabbed it to the pier to meet the van and trailer.

It turned out to be a pretty mindless corporate gig, but the views were spectacular. Get paid to ride a boat around NYC on a nice Wednesday night? No problem.

Special additions to the setlist: Sailing and Arthur's Theme ("if you get caught between the moon and New York City," which we did).

The band spent the night at a hotel near Madison Square Garden--tiny hotel rooms! Plus, the dude in a cat mask watching Netflix. What the hell?

Thursday: Travel day. Our lobby call wasn't until almost noon, so I spent the morning on an exploratory run around town.