Zig Zag

Two gigs last week--one in Santa Fe, and one in Martha's Vineyard. Lots of flying. Lots of pictures. Let's begin:

Friday: 9:50 AM flight to Albuquerque meant that I left home at 7 AM, which means I slept on the entire flight--I was passed out before they shut the door, and didn't wake up until they put down the landing gear. I slept so hard that as I walked past the pilot and flight attendant at the door, the attendant said to me, "Mr. Freeman! We were very impressed with how well you slept! Also, congratulations on your recent Gold Medallion status!" I was so confused that I didn't know what to say.

Anyway, we got to Albuquerque and then took a limo van to Santa Fe.

The scene for this birthday party was a private compound of sorts on a hill just outside of the city. Multiple buildings and spectacular views all the way around. The house manager even pointed out Carol Burnett's house on the adjacent lot. Good company!

The backline...was not very good on thi…