Hooray for in-town gigs!

Friday: I got to sub in with Bumpin' the Mango again, in Roswell again (part of their "Music on the Hill" concert series), but this time on bari sax. Neil Newcomb played tenor.

I had a good week of practice leading up to this gig, but things got off to a rough start. On the second tune of the night, I got to PAGE THREE! of What is Hip before realizing that I was playing the tenor chart on bari--since we're a fourth apart pitch-wise, there are weird notes but not a lot of outright clashes that would tell me something was wrong. Instead, I was like, "this feels so familiar but sounds kind of strange." Man, I felt soooooo stupid! Realizing what was happening, I half transposed the tenor chart down a fourth/half played by ear the rest of it.

As soon as the song was over, I deleted the chart from my iPad so there would be no evidence of my wrongdoing! It never happened! Then I spent three or four songs trying to gauge (based purely off fa…


Wednesday: We've had a string of Wednesday gigs going, ending with this one in Grayton Beach, Florida at A.J.'s, a roadside dive bar a half mile north of the Gulf of Mexico. On this particular night, we were guests of Berkshire Hathaway--some sort of corporate party thing, so we crammed the gear onto a tiny stage and got ready to play.

Setting up in this space wasn't too bad, and soundcheck was quick and painless, so I went for a run before dinner. It wasn't too hot, but the humidity made up for it!

For a private gig, this one wasn't too bad--the crowd (which appeared to be mainly middle aged women) was on the dance floor early in the night. Between the people watching and the TV watching (there was a screen in my line of sight that played Gomer Pyle USMC, Green Acres, and two episodes of Hogan's Heroes), I was occupied.

Tuesday night, I'd begun to feel the beginnings of a cold, and around the time we finished this gig, I was dying! I was in bed within minu…

Hot and Weird

Wednesday, Yacht Rock flew to Washington DC for a gig in Maryland. While we were waiting for the van and trailer to pick us up, Monkeyboy spotted Mike Stern (who played with Blood Sweat and Tears, Miles Davis, Michael Brecker, Steps Ahead, and the Brecker Brothers) in baggage claim. I think we startled him, but he was a good sport about it.

Today's gig was a corporate party for insurance people, and they added Robbie Dupree and Matthew Wilder onto the bill. Kip and Zack had made the trip north the day before, and they had about half our gear set up before we even arrived (practicing for Saturday).

Much time was available between soundcheck and dinner, so I headed out for a run. Started in Maryland, ran across the bridge to Virginia, and came back.

 Our gig was at the Gaylord National Convention Center.

Also on this gig was Matthew Wilder and Robbie Dupree. Always a fun hang with those two.

The gig was predictably very sterile, as you'd expect several hundred insurance people t…


Easy week this week. 
Wednesday: Yacht Rock played a corporate gig at the Roxy in Atlanta. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I am a big fan of playing at the Roxy because 1. the stage is nice and sounds good; 2. it's located in my part of town (northwest of the city). It took me 25 minutes to get there in traffic, and 16 minute to get home at the end of the night. I can dig it.
Anyway, Pete got a new 12 string guitar! I believe this was a purchase from when we played at the Sweetwater Pavilion in Fort Wayne, IN earlier this year. Looks snazzy.

It's always funny/irritating when Review is spelled incorrectly, right next to our logo where Revue is spelled correctly.

This was a really easy, relaxed gig. I had some good solos, too.

Ganesh subbed on drums.

Thursday was an exciting night for me because I got to play the tenor book with Bumpin' the Mango. Their gig was also in my part of town (20 minutes away)--back to back gigs where I never had to get on I-75! We p…

Back in the Northeast

Wednesday: Brooklyn. This was our first time back at Brooklyn Bowl since the infamous gig a few years ago where we were asked to immediately pack up (in our stage clothes) after the show and load our gear off the front of the stage so that another band could set up.

I want to like this place--it's got a cool vibe, and it's outside of the bubble that is Manhattan. There's something missing, though--maybe it's the hipsters who occupy the neighborhood, maybe it's the tiny dressing room, maybe it's the ok stage sound, maybe it's the fact that the front edge of the stage isn't quite square with the room. I don't know.

Went for a short run before the gig, basically from Williamsburg to Bed-Stuy and back.

Anyway, this gig was a fine warmup for the week's activities. It was almost sold out, so we got off to a good start!

Thursday: We spent the night out on Long Island. After sleeping like a dead guy, I went for a run, and  then made my way to the nearest…