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Turkey Time

Two Yacht Rock gigs this week--the day before Thanksgiving, and the day after.

Wednesday night was pretty good. The only song that kind of bit me was Minute by Minute--there's a tricky spot where I have one beat to change sounds and get both hands lined up correctly. Sometimes I need a little extra time. That was the case this evening. Everything else was fine. I never could really find my groove, though.

Other thoughts: local jazz legend Kevin Bales was up front checking us out all night. It was cool that he was there checking us out, but I think it got in my head that I needed to impress him.

Alyssa Olson (Pete's wife) guested on Islands in the Stream. She sounded great and looked to be having more fun than anybody in the room.

Here's video of the gig.

Friday's "Black Friday" gig unfortunately didn't Steely Dan's Black Friday (which would've been cool). In fact, with a couple of subs in tow, the setlist stayed much closer to songs we've been p…

Listen People, It's too Cold for Outdoor Gigs

Two outdoor gigs this mid November...what the hell? I'm sure it's fine when you're walking around (and can LEAVE WHEN YOU GET UNCOMFORTABLE!), but I'm sitting on a stool touching a cold plastic keyboard or a cold piece of metal, and I like the check, but my hands go numb and we need to stop this outdoor gig in November bullshit.
Thursday: Off to Bluffton, South Carolina for a food festival thing. We played this gig last year (you can read about it here). I'm still not exactly sure who's attending this or why. Also, why does it have to be so late in the year? A month earlier would've been much better, temperature-wise. 

Fortunately for me, Kip had a heater brought to the stage, which we planted right behind me. My hands still got cold, but I was able to occasionally reach up and thaw them out when things got really dire.

Basically, this was a nifty corporate gig.

Friday: We raced back to Atlanta, dropped Zach (half of our sound crew) off at the airp…

One Too Many

Soooooooo...five gigs in a row may have been one too many for us. We made it, but...

Thursday: This trip started with a flight to Newark, New Jersey.

Gig number one: Sayreville, NJ at the Starland Ballroom. It didn't look like much on the outside, but this place turned out to be pretty OK. Denny Laine and the Bouchard Brothers (of Blue Oyster Cult) joined us. We had right around three hundred people in the audience, which actually felt like a decent crowd--they had good vibes.

Friday: Before heading back to the airport to pick up Keisha and Kourtney Jackson, we stopped at Harold's New York Deli, a strange and magical place that felt very...New Jersey. Heart stopping amounts of meat and the world's largest pickle bar. I ordered a veggie burger and fries.

From the airport, we made our way through Friday afternoon traffic and steady rain out to Long Island. Somewhere along this trip, a NYPD car pulled up next to us on the shoulder of the road and flipped on his lights. Zach (…

More of the Same

I'm having all kinds of trouble getting into the mood to write this blog, so keep your expectations low.
Wednesday: Halloween. I played at Blind Willie's with Scott Glazer's Mojo Dojo. In addition to Scott on bass, the band was comprised of Steve Cunningham on guitar, Dan Lawrence on keyboard, and Zack Albetta on drums. For the first time, there was no second horn player--one fewer person to outplay me! I've worked with Dan on this gig before (among several other gigs in the last twenty something years), but I'd never met Zack until this gig. Excellent playing, and a really cool guy to boot. Steve and I decided that the last gig we played together was fifteen years ago. He's just as funny and quirky as ever. 

As you might expect, there wasn't much of a crowd--maybe a dozen people--for the entire evening. We amused ourselves, though, mostly by ridiculing Scott's well worn jokes and preambles to various songs. Playing-wise, I was just ok.

Thursday: The Yac…