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Wurlitzer 200 Restoration

Way back in early June, I bought a Wurlitzer 200 through local keyboard tech/wizard Spencer Pope. It played pretty well considering its age (46 years old), but it had been beaten up along the way, the bottom had been painted John Deere green, and I think Spencer swapped the lid out. Anyway, it was ugly as sin, and as much as I liked the sound of it, it was hard to look at. Tan top, green bottom, yellowed keys. Once school started back up, I began restoring it as best I could.

The collected guts of the piano.

The first and easiest step was to repaint the top. I considered keeping the beige, but black is the color I most closely associate with a Wurly, so black it is!

Once I had the lid in better shape, I set out to clean up the keys, whose plastic caps had yellowed with age. My first thought was to sand the yellow off. In the picture below, the two on the right have been sanded.

Also, I had a few keys where the front of the key was chipped.

I used wood putty to fill in and shape the c…

Revival, Greg Lee

The 2017 Yacht Rock Revival was Saturday. EPIC! This year's show was at the Tabernacle, a far superior location for us--better stage, better dressing rooms, adequate restrooms and bars for the audience, air conditioning, and an exceptionally good staff and crew. Maybe the attendance numbers weren't as huge, but the experience more than made up for it.

We're still in the midst of shooting (or being shot, I should say) a documentary, so this show had the extra pressure of cameras filming everything. I, for one, had a stationary camera staring me down all night. It's probably two hours of nerves and mouth breathing.

Some pictures from soundcheck. We also played five songs so that the cameras could do close ups.

Before the show, we took a ride around the block so that the film crew would have footage of us rolling out of a limousine and into the back door of the Tabernacle. The first try at this almost ended in disaster when the driver couldn't get the door open.

The g…