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To Hell and Back

This week, the Yacht Rock Revue went to Florida for a couple of gigs before returning to Atlanta for a Saturday night gig at Venkman's. 
Thursday: The Beacham in Orlando. I'm pretty sure I saw Tower of Power play here in the early 90s. 
While I'm happy that we're in a venue closer to Orlando (previous gigs at the House of Blues next to Disney are far away from most of our target audience), I don't think The Beacham is going to be our new favorite place to play. Decent crowd for a Thursday.

Friday: Tallahassee.

Friday's show was a street party before Saturday's FSU game. We'd played one of these maybe three years ago, and it was enough of a success that they've been trying to get us back every year since then.

Quite a party! Even if they had no idea who we were, the crowd was good and enthusiastic, and pretty entertaining. We had one drunk girl climb the barricade, pull herself on stage, get escorted off, and immediately returned to her spot in the fro…

Fortune and Glory, Kid

Back to Indy, this time for a corporate gig. This one was an 80s themed party, and though it started with an awkward quiz from the client (..."You got some Jump (Van Halen) for me?"..."Um, no"..."You got something from Top Gun?"..."Uh, no, but we do have Kenny Loggins on the set list"..."You got some Wham?"..."No, but we could do some George Michael") and took about forty-five minutes to get the people movin' and groovin', we eventually won them over. Easy gig, good backline, a pretty venue, and really nice people. Plus, check out the incredible backdrop for the stage!

C+C, and A Whole Lotta Indian Food

This was a long one by Yacht Rock Revue standards--three shows in California, two days off in Salt Lake City, a travel day, and then three shows in Colorado. 
Friday: We flew from home (Atlanta) to Los Angeles to meet up with our gear (which had been driven west earlier in the week).
After a nap, I watched the movie about Mr. Rogers, Won't You Be My Neighbor. Excellent stuff, even on this tiny screen!

Two nights at the El Rey!...

...but first, a short run around Beverly Hills!

There's an Indian restaurant across the street from the El Rey. I ate there before both shows on this trip. I think Samuel L. Jackson was in there on the second night. Otherwise, it was a guy who looked exactly like him who gave me a look like "Don't you DARE stop and say anything to me."

Night one was a little clunky for me. We added two new songs--Even the Nights Are Better and Tiny Dancer. I always need a half dozen attempts of playing my parts with the band before I can be comfortable, …