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Oh Atlanta!

Yacht Rock was back in Atlanta for a weekend of gigs.  In between gigs, Pete joked about trying to check in on the Delta app.  It's only half funny--looking at my Delta app as I write this, there are eleven more trips this year.  Damn.  Anyway...Atlanta!

Friday:  Due to all of our crazy calendar this year, this was our first available date to play the Park Tavern (in previous years we've averaged about once a month all summer long).  Pretty good crowd, around 800.

To change things up, we added a horn section for this show (Rob Opitz, trumpet and Sir Richard Serrington, trombone) with pretty good results.  My horn charts for Yacht Rock have only been used a couple of times in the entire existence of the band, so they still have a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out.  Regardless of that, though, it was nice to hang with some other horn players for a change.  I feel out of touch.

It was also nice to check in with Ganesh Giri Jaya, filling in for the vacationing Mark Cobb.  As…


We were tested with these gigs!  A local Atlanta gig, then a cross country flight with a late night gig, a flight back across the country, and then a gig with a bunch of music that we don't see very often.  It hurts my brain.
Wednesday:  Corporate event at The Tabernacle in Atlanta.
The Tabernacle is a really amazing place to perform, and I must say that I like everything about it, from the loaders who dragged our gear in to the size of the stage to the sound of the room to the backstage accommodations.  The audience was pretty fired up for a Wednesday night, which was super cool, and my in ear mix sounded like the frickin' radio (I mean that in a good way)--very clear, and everything was perfectly balanced.  Plus, I was on a riser, so I didn't feel like I was hiding behind the guitar amp.  We finished early, and I was home by maybe 10:30.  Everything about this gig was fantastic, including side-boob girl, who danced in front of Pete and Monkey for most of the second set.  …

What's in the Bag?

Yacht Rock took the old folks out for a spin in the northeast last weekend--along with us for this trip were Robbie Dupree, Matthew Wilder, Ronn Moss and Peter Beckett of Player, and Ambrosia.  We did four nights in the northeast beginning in New York and ending in Massachusetts, Thursday through Sunday.  All part of our summer tour.

A running joke for this trip involved the bag of Ambrosia's organist Chris North, who pulled a computer bag with him wherever he went--even on stage.  It never left his side.  The rest of us (outside of Ambrosia) fixated on what it might contain.  Chris wouldn't say (not that any of us would dare to ask him).  We hatched a complicated plan to swap it with an identical bag while he was mid-solo, but we need to zero in on what brand and model he is using.  What's in the bag?

Thursday:  We flew to La Guardia for our show at Irving Plaza.  Our gear left Atlanta Tuesday afternoon so that the van and trailer could pick us up at the airport.

We were e…