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Turkey Eve

Yacht Rock played a sold out Thanksgiving Eve at the Egyptian Ballroom at The Fox Theatre last night--a major step up from last year's Turkey Eve at Smith's Olde Bar.  Way more people, way more fun, and I played much better than last year.

This was a great gig all around for us!  We debuted a few new tunes (I'm Alright, Two Tickets to Paradise) and brought back several that we haven't played in a while (Band on the Run, Sara Smile, She's Gone, Get Out of My Dreams, and Everything She Wants).  I'm pretty sure they all went over well, though with ear plugs jammed deep into my head, I didn't hear much of the crowd.  It's one of the louder stages we've played recently.


My AM church gig had a couple of subs--John Hancotte subbed for Charley on bass and Keith played organ in place of the absent Dustin and church organist Ira.  An unusual line up.  Other than that, it was a typical show--a couple of hymns, the big production number, a little soft-shoe closer.  

My PM church gig had an excellent mix going, thank you very much.  They repaired whatever issue was happening with the main speakers, so I got everything going in stereo again (panning things out).  The band leader said it was loud;  maybe my ears are messed up because of this cold, but it didn't seem loud to me.  I like it loud anyway.
My soprano is feeling/sounding so good these days!  I bought a new mouthpiece (a CE Winds Silver Socka) and tweaked a few of the adjustment screws in order to close a couple of leaks, and now it's exactly what I was hoping this combination would be.  It makes me look forward  to my church gigs again.  

Short Skirt Night at the Ten High

Not really…the skirts were at an all time high, but we weren't at the 10 High.  We were at 103 West in Buckhead.

The event du jour was a private party.  I have no idea for whom we were playing or what they were celebrating.  The crowd was into it sometimes.

The food was good and the load in/out was easy.  Zach ran sound and brought a donkey named David;  Kip is somewhere out there holding Shawn Mullins together.  There's nothing else to report.

I'm still sick.

Friday Night

I recorded my horn parts for an original song Friday night at Madison Studios.  I think it turned out pretty well!  Hopefully, there will be more creative opportunities like this coming up.

West Coast Trip

Yacht Rock has just returned from a short trip to the west coast, with nice gigs in San Diego and Los Angeles.  In between was a wild night on the town.
Sunday:  we flew to San Diego.  No problems from Delta with our gear.  By the way, I have seen that it's now a law that the airlines cannot charge you for checked musical gear if it's under 165 pounds.  You can read about that HERE.  

So anyway, we landed in beautiful San Diego (even the airport is beautiful), picked up rental cars (with the planes flying over us).  We checked into our hotel (right next door to the venue), sound checked, ate…the usual stuff.  The San Diego House of Blues is nice.

My Nord case was the victim of a random peeing by my dog earlier in the week.  When I opened the case in San Diego, I was greeted by a plume of ammonia.  Gross.  I tried to clean it the night before we flew with pet carpet cleaner and Febreeze (and airing it out), but there's still some stink to it.  Since I couldn't put my key…