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Tyrone's Return

I hadn't played a trio gig with Tyrone Jackson on keyboards since before Thanksgiving--his schedule had gotten out of control.  Currently, he's finishing up his masters degree in Georgia State (and doing the grad assistant B.S.);  at the same time, he's teaching classes at Kennesaw State.  The actual playing of music has been mostly limited to his Sunday morning church gig.

In spite of the noisy crowd, this gig was a treat!  It's pretty awesome to have my tunes interpreted by two musicians of the caliber of Tyrone and Kevin Smith.  Great stuff by fantastic people.

Here's the audio:

North Carolina Tour

Yacht Rock had a tough little tour last weekend up to North Carolina and back.

First indication that things weren't going to be easy:  we made it to 85 and Clairmont before we pulled over to add air to the trailer tires.  It was then that we noticed the steel tread showing through on the left wheel!  No good…change that tire!

Several hours later, we were still on 85 (this time just north of Charlotte) when we noticed smoke coming off the right trailer tire.  We peeled off at the next exit and investigated--it seems that the bearings in the trailer axle were fried.  Some quick smartphone work found us a UHaul place in Salisbury, NC where we could rent another trailer.  Unfortunately, we had trouble hitching it up to the van.  We eventually got the UHaul hooked up and all the gear in it, but weren't able to get back on the road quickly enough to make it to the Lincoln Theatre, so we had to cancel our gig.  Bummer!

We spent the night in Salisbury.  There was a Japanese steakhou…

Sunday stuff

After another wild night at the Variety Playhouse, I was up early to hit the first of my two church gigs.

The AM gig is back to a horn section, at least for the week.  The three of us (David Trumble, Garrett Anderson, and myself) sounded good together.  We had a good balance.  We played a tune we'd train-wrecked a couple of months earlier, and this time it sounded waaaaaaaay better (and no train-wreck).

My PM gig was OK.  I didn't find much that I wanted to play on, so mostly I monitored the mix, which I think was pretty decent.  Also, there was a football game on, and I monitored that, too.

More videos from Saturday!

Upcoming dates!

January 24, Lincoln Theatre (Raleigh, NC)
January 25, Visualite Theatre (Charlotte, NC)
January 27, Hidinger Benefit at King Plow (Atlanta, GA)
February 1, 40 Watt (Athens, GA)
February 15, Taste of Dunwoody (Dunwoody, GA)
February 16, Cannery Ballroom (Nashville, TN)
February 24-March 1, Rock Boat XIII (the ocean)
March 2, Park Tavern (Atlanta, GA)

Anchorman and Dark Side at the Variety Playhouse

Wow!  Great show.  We're really getting good at pulling something together at the last minute.  Yacht Rock played the Variety Playhouse last night (Saturday), performing the Anchorman soundtrack and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.  The Anchorman stuff came together in a couple of days--we decided on that album after a gig Tuesday, January 8, and then left on tour the next day.  I don't think anybody did any work on any of those songs until we got home the night of Monday, January 14.  We had rehearsals January 15 and 17, and played the thing Saturday, January 19.  That's called pulling it out of your ass.

I think we got everybody's best performance of this stuff at the gig.  On the Anchorman stuff, the only thing I really messed up was the string part to She's Gone (one which we play with some regularity).  The sax solo was pretty good, though.  In the Dark Side stuff, I missed an altissimo G# in the Money solo, and the butchered the rest of that phrase, b…

Back to Yacht Rock

The Full Tilt gig ended at 2 AM.  I was home around 3, and asleep by 4.  Unfortunately, I was up at 8:30 AM to get out the door to a recording session.  Bob Lewis and I laid down four horn parts (Bob on trumpet and trombone, me on alto and bari) for a new Dustin Cottrell song.  Pretty cool, with a nice horn arrangement by Fuji Fujimoto.

The end of the session left me just enough time to go home, eat lunch, and pick up my gear for the night's gig.

Yacht Rock played a private gig last night at the Dunwoody Ravinia, which now eclipses the Buckhead Ritz as the most foul smelling loading dock on the planet.  Thanks also for the numerous puddles of god-knows-what, especially the one at the bottom of the ramp.

This was a run of the mill corporate function…bad load in/out, bad PA, taped together non rectangular stage, tentative crowd, all in one very sterile hotel ballroom.  Ahh, the glamor!  Things got better as we went along, but the beginning was really tough.  The guys running the sou…

Double Dip!

I played two gigs as part of the same function last night.  Big money!  It turned out to be lots of standing around, too.  Wayne Viar and Paul Poovey were on the gig, so it was a good hang.

The first hour and a half was a House Live gig across the hall from the main ballroom.  Easy stuff.  We then had a couple of hours of down time before the main show kicked off, so we got a chance to eat and hang out.

The second gig was a four hours of continuous music cover band gig with the band Full Tilt.  Not only did the band not take a break for four hours;  most of the time the drummer went right into the next tune!  Michael Magno's band acted as rhythm section subs so those guys could step off for a couple of songs.  It was kind of insane, but the crowd hung with it much more than I thought they would.

Paul and I played on eleven tunes in those four hours, so mostly we sat at a table off to the side of the stage and people watched.

At 2 AM, the gig ended.  The client had paid for us to v…

Trio Gig

My trio (with Kevin Smith on bass and Kenny Banks Jr on keyboard) played a four hour jazz gig.  Long gig!  We were pretty fried by the end.  This was definitely one of those gigs that should've ended an hour earlier than it did--a dozen guys standing around the bar held us all hostage while they talked about god knows what.

Great gig!  This was the second gig I've played with Kenny.  Really good stuff.  Check it out:

My hands didn't work well on this gig, and as the room got colder, I got worse.

January Tour

Yacht Rock returned earlier this week from a very successful January tour.  What's not to love about having a gig in January, when most musicians are trying to live off holiday gig pay until the world goes back to spending money on entertainment!

The toughest part of this trip was the fierce cold that we all traded (and incubated daily in the van).  Greg had it at the show Tuesday night at the Tabernacle.  Nick picked it up a day or two later, Mark Cobb a day or so after that, and I could feel it by the end of the ride.  Pete, Monkey, and Bencuya were sniffling along with us.  This tour is sponsored by DayQuil!

Wednesday:  travel day.  We left in the afternoon and drove to Greensboro, NC to spend the night.  Dinner at Hooters.

Thursday:  our first gig was the beautiful Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VA.  Wow--nice room!  I also dig it when the load out goes off the stage and straight into the trailer.  You can't beat that (well, maybe you can at The Orange Peel).  The cre…