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The Weekend

Another busy weekend…

Thursday:Yacht Rock was back at our regular gig, the 10 High, for the first time this year!  It was just the way we left it--dark, stinky, and dirty.  Too bad.  We had everybody there except Mark Cobb, who is out on paternity leave.  Daniel Morrison filled in for him.  He was solid.

Mark Dannells played really well.  I, on the other hand, just kind of spaced on a lot of stuff.  For instance, we were playing What a Fool Believes for probably the five thousandth time, and I couldn't remember whether I pedal on an F or a Bb, so I guessed (correctly).  I had lots of stuff like that--I felt confused.

I'd spent most of the day rebuilding my rack.  UPS was a bit rough in getting it to Miami last week, and broke both rack rails loose.  I took everything out, put new screws in the rails, and put it all back together. I also strapped my power supplies to the power strip in there, since UPS had helped them get out and bounce around.  Big fun!  I got it all back togeth…

Weezer Cruise

As I write this, I can still feel the boat moving, even though I'm at home.  Here's everything I can remember…

Thursday:  we got on the boat later than we usually do.  I think, in fact, that most people were already on there--we went straight through registration and hopped aboard.  A late morning flight and a stop for lunch got us there just in time for the lifeboat drill.
The rooms were bigger than usual.  We even had room for a couch!  

The bathroom had a countertop, which I like a lot better than the usual glass shelf above the sink.

We played pretty early on in the cruise--something like 8 PM--on the stage in the Criterion Lounge.  Much bigger stage than the Candlelight, and they gave us an hour to set up and and hour to soundcheck.  I like that.  Sometimes it's a real "throw and go" thing, and there's no time to hear what things sound like until you're into the gig.  
The first set went pretty well.  Things sounded fine (lots of low end out towards …