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Two Plus One

This past weekend's events: 2 Yacht Rock gigs (in two cities), and a Beatles birthday party.

Friday: We played some kind of private event for a bunch of good looking people (women) at Buckhead Theatre. Seriously--one of them (women) looked like George Clooney's wife, but with fake boobs. They got drunk, we was fun!

Now that Buckhead Theatre is trying to be a real music venue, they have loaders to drag our gear in and out. If only they could solve the parking...

We had Jason Nackers on drums for this weekend. Excellent job. I thought he nailed it tonight.

Saturday: On a couple of hours of sleep, we flew to Indianapolis for a benefit for a private school.

This one was backlined, and the gear was good. The production...not so good. The lighting...not good at all. Light bars and zip ties is not a lighting rig!

I tried to go for a run after soundcheck--there's a nice path that follows the path of the river.

Unfortunately, it was mostly blocked with water. I eventual…


I played another Dave Matthews Band cover gig Tuesday night with Dustin Cottrell and The Laymen--though I guess it wasn't really the Laymen since the other half of the duo was unable to play either DMB gig. Anyway...Dustin on guitar and vocals, Marla Feeney on violin, Billy Gewin on bass, Sam Owens on drums, and me on saxes.

Once again, the attendance was terrible (fewer than ten people in the room the whole night), which is too bad, because we kind of killed it. This was a much better combination of players (especially Sam on drums, who grabbed much more of the right vibe and parts--splash cymbals? yes! playing the form? yes!), and overall, we were just a bit more confident having survived the first gig. Billy did a great job playing bass and contributing harmony vocals, and I could hear Marla this time. I'm not a DMB fan, but this was fun.

New song for this one: Tripping Billies.

Colorado and California

Big trip time! The Yacht Rock Revue was out for over a week, with our initial foray into Colorado, a private gig in San Francisco, and then gigs in San Diego and Los Angeles (and a clunker in Vegas).

Saturday: We flew from Atlanta to Denver. Our gear had left earlier in the week, and Hans (driver of the gear) handed off the van and trailer off to us at the airport.

"We've landed on Hoth!" said Zach, after we touched down in the midst of a snowstorm. I've never seen that much snow at an airport before, but I guess if you travel through this airport, you get used to it.

Our first stop (after hitting the dispensary--Colorado has legal weed now) was the Gothic Theater in Englewood. It reminded me of the Vogue in Indianapolis, and holds approximately the same number of people. Bigger dressing rooms, though!

Surprise! Our first gig in Colorado, and we came within twenty people of selling it out (1030 in the room). How'd that happen? Who knows, but that's pretty cool…