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One More

One more little private party for the weekend...Yacht Rock played an afternoon birthday party (I think--it may have been some other kind of party) at a restaurant in Buckhead.  If you were around Atlanta ten or fifteen years ago, there used to be a cluster of bars right in this area, but developers bought all of the property and made it a high end, Rodeo Drive sort of thing.  Ferraris and Aston Martins were parked outside.

Anyway, this one was a major throw and go.  We had all of our gear piled up at the back door, and on Kip's signal, we rushed in and set up.  I don't even remember if we sound checked.  Kip used one speaker as the PA.

We had Ganesh filling on drums today.  Excellent job.  Also, Zach was off doing something else all weekend, so we had Alan Smith assisting Kip with the audio for this handful of gigs.  Also excellent.

The party turned out to be thankfully very painless, a two hour gig with probably twenty-five minutes of speeches in the middle.  The crowd was n…


Yacht Rock played the annual spring party at the Atlanta Athletic Club Saturday night.  Not as many aggressive housewives as in years past--they turned out to be a pretty well behaved bunch.  Easy gig with no problems, and I was home around 12:30 AM.  Not too shabby.

I did a better job on Young Americans tonight--I've pretty much solidified the intro and the solo (the only parts I'm concerned with playing accurately--the rest is improvised).  One more night and I think I'll have it comfortably committed to memory.

Not So Young

Yacht Rock played a surprise birthday party in Buckhead last night.  Maybe 50 people in attendance, almost all in costumes.  I'd guess that it was a 70s themed party, but some chose the 60s by accident--ironic because everyone in attendance was old enough to recall what the 70s looked like.  Regardless, there was plenty for the eye to see.  Special shout out to Princess Leia in the New Hope outfit with the big hair buns and everything.  I admire your effort.

We added David Bowie's Young Americans to the set this weekend.  I thought I'd be really excited to play this song since it's 70s David Sanborn soloing over the entire song (hell, the entire record!), but it felt really long.  Maybe it's because the solo vocabulary is pretty rigidly a major pentatonic scale (with the occasional flatted third and flatted seventh).  Anyway, here's my chart.  The intro is important enough that subsequent Bowie tours used what Sanborn played as their intro.  The solo before th…


We (Yacht Rock) gave an encore performance of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon last night at Venkman's.  After that, we played a couple of Beatles songs, a couple of Zeppelin songs, and a couple of The Who songs (I wasn't involved in either the Zepp or Who).  I only play on about half of Dark Side, so it made for a short night for me, which was just fine after an usually long soundcheck and an eternity sitting in traffic in between checking and the gig.  Home by 11:30 PM, and that's only because I had to wait for the show to end so that I could collect my keyboard from the stage.

Nashville + Indy

On the road again!  Yacht Rock made stops in Nashville and Indianapolis last weekend.  Dig it:

Thursday:  We hadn't made it far up I-75 before we stopped for gas.  When we did, we discovered that the cap on one of the trailer axles had come off, exposing the bearings to the world.  This has happened to us before, and it's not pretty.  All of the grease is spun out and the bearings burn up.  Very fortunately for us, we happened to be at an exit with a truck/trailer repair place, who sent us up to the next exit to another trailer repair place.  The new cap cost us $5.   Back to my nap.

We arrived at the City Winery in Nashville a little bit late (which caused us to miss our field trip to the RCA A Room, a legendary recording studio which would have been really cool to check out).  Too bad.  More importantly, we had to deal with the trailer of gear.  By this photo, I would say it was not my best packing job of the suitcases.

Pretty easy load in.  We were set up in a decent amount …

Friday Night Lights

I got a call about subbing Friday night in the pit of a musical at a playhouse south of Atlanta.  Sure!   I thought when I began playing professionally that this would be the bulk of my work, since my degree was in multiple woodwind performance (flute, clarinet, saxophone).  This job was for flute and clarinet (and a tiny bit of piccolo in the opener), so...right up my alley!  I got the book late Wednesday night, hacked through it once before bed (approximately 100 pages), played through it one and a half times Thursday, hit the really tough stuff Friday, and then jumped into traffic and headed to the playhouse.
Fortunately, in checking out photos of the playhouse, I noticed that it was outdoors!  Yikes.  Friday night was in the low 50s, making acoustic instruments that much more challenging.   We were basically a little carnival set up in a pasture in the middle of nowhere south of Atlanta.  Kind of weird.
So, here's what I walked into:  the "pit" was in the tent in th…

Sold Out

Yacht Rock is back in Atlanta today following last weekend's run of sold out shows in the northeast.  Here's a quick recap:

Thursday:  We flew to Boston for our show at The Sinclair in Cambridge.  This show had been sold out for a month or so (550 in attendance).

The flight was uneventful (I fell asleep just after take off), but the decent into Boston was a little rough--very windy and the plane was making a strange noise.

Kip and Zach picked us up in the van and trailer and we headed to Cambridge, where a prime parking spot awaited us.  Unfortunately, a truck was there unloading food for the restaurant.  Fortunately, the guy had the most awesomely stereotypical Bahstan accent.  We enjoyed that a lot.

We were early to load in, so after the truck moved and we parked in our spot, everybody broke up for lunch.  A few of us went to an Italian restaurant down the street.

After lunch, we still had two hours to kill, so I walked around Cambridge and Harvard.

Harvard Yard!

This was o…