Not So Young

Yacht Rock played a surprise birthday party in Buckhead last night.  Maybe 50 people in attendance, almost all in costumes.  I'd guess that it was a 70s themed party, but some chose the 60s by accident--ironic because everyone in attendance was old enough to recall what the 70s looked like.  Regardless, there was plenty for the eye to see.  Special shout out to Princess Leia in the New Hope outfit with the big hair buns and everything.  I admire your effort.

We added David Bowie's Young Americans to the set this weekend.  I thought I'd be really excited to play this song since it's 70s David Sanborn soloing over the entire song (hell, the entire record!), but it felt really long.  Maybe it's because the solo vocabulary is pretty rigidly a major pentatonic scale (with the occasional flatted third and flatted seventh).  Anyway, here's my chart.  The intro is important enough that subsequent Bowie tours used what Sanborn played as their intro.  The solo before the bridge is the only other spot where he gets pushed up in the mix and you focus on what he's doing.  Everything is just major pentatonic whatever.

I had to keep reminding myself to leave less space and play over the vocals and not care.

This is also entertaining.  I guess the microphone distortion on the sax is no big deal, or part of the appeal?

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