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Week Four

Off again! This week's run was Wednesday-Saturday, starting off in Michigan.
Wednesday: Grand Rapids! Not where I thought we'd first dip our toes into the gigging...waters..of Michigan? I thought that was going to work, but maybe not. Anyway--you'd think we'd begin our midwestern expansion in Detroit, or maybe Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids it is. Second largest city in Michigan. Home to several breweries.
Step one: lunch! And wouldn't you know it, there's an Indian place right up the street. I hit the buffet for some chana masala. 

The evening's gig was at 20 Monroe Live, a newish concert venue in town (capacity 2,600!). Big room, but really nice and clean and well run. They had some sort of private event between our early soundcheck and the gig.

After a nap (thought the pollen was bugging me, but I guess I caught a cold), I didn't really feel ready to eat dinner, so I went for a short run.

I think we were all very pleased by this Wednesday nighter!…

More Donuts

Here we are, playing the gigs, making the donuts.

Thursday: Our flight to Washington DC occurred at a much more reasonable hour (noon!), and therefore I needed less of a nap on the plane and watched a little bit more of First Man - like from sixty-two minutes in to eighty minutes in. I'm going to try and finish it before this hunk of travel ends. Also, Ryan Gosling is not as douchey as I thought.

So...night one of two at The Hamilton in DC. We loaded in, sound checked, I did some personal warm up stuff, and still had time for a little run around the neighborhood.

Pretty great crowd, especially for a Thursday. I felt like I redeemed myself after Boston's performance. The best part was that we left everything set up for night two...

Friday: We had all day to kill. I slept late, ate breakfast with Greg (we were charged for the food because we ate from the "hot" part of the buffet--a fee Greg immediately dubbed the "meat surcharge"; for the record, I had pancakes…

Making the Donuts, Week Two

Intense touring, week two! This week, we played four dates in the northeast.

Thursday: The gigging began at The Wellmont in Montclair, New Jersey. For some reason, we flew up reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllly early (landing before noon), so we parked the van and went to lunch before loading in. For me, that meant...INDIAN FOOD! There are two Indian places basically across the street, so I went into one (which was completely deserted at 12:30 in the afternoon) and had a feast.

We've played this room before, twice, I think. It's a monstrous cavern of a room--very pretty, but it could use soundproofing to deaden it. Having a lot of people in the room helps, too, but Michelle's birthday party had somewhere around 150, which didn't do much in that regard.

We played ok. The seven of us were pretty fried after a long day.

Friday: A side benefit of playing the birthday party Thursday night was that we could leave all of our gear set up on the stage, so we had the entire day to recover. A…