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Weren't we just in Mexico? Almost back to the same spot less than two weeks later, we landed in Cozumel for a high dollar destination wedding reception.

Getting through customs is a hassle when bringing in a bunch of musical gear, and this trip proved to be no exception. Our shared story was that we were attending a friend's wedding, and brought our instruments along to play a few songs at the reception. Since we were not collecting any money at the gig, we were there as tourists, and not there on business. I had a few "worst case scenarios in my head" where I would be isolated in an empty room and quizzed on the bride and groom's names by a stern looking Mexican customs official. Maybe they're looking for taxable revenues, to maybe help defray the cost of the wall? I mean, it was January 20th, after all.

For me, it ended up somewhere between that and waltzing through--the customs guy asked what I had in my gig bags and my pelican (gear box), and I tried to b…

Cruising: The Final Frontier

Image about a cruise in January? What if it's a Star Trek themed cruise? 
Tuesday: Though the cruise began Monday in Miami, we were scheduled to board the ship in Cozumel on Wednesday. This necessitated our flying to Mexico Tuesday. It appeared that we flew over Cancun to get to Cozumel.

We were fortunate to spend the night in a fancy resort. Check out this room.

First order of business: the telescoping handle on my suitcase broke when we got to the Atlanta airport this morning, and somehow survived the trip without being ripped off. However, I needed to figure out what was happening, so I took it apart. One of the wings on the button (they push down rods in the arms to release the lock) broke.

The only thing I could find in my room was a pair of coffee stirrers, so I tried to use them as a splint to help push the wing down.

Looks great, but it didn't work.

This is the taxi that took us to the restaurant where I got drunk.

After annoying everyone I came in contact with, I r…