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The Usual

I did my two Sunday church gigs.  The first one was kind of a special show, with lots of extra stuff while they decorated the church and lit the trees.  It was the usual kind of frenetic rehearsal and a pretty good performance.  No sweat.  The second gig was not too bad until the last song--the leader decided that the beginning verse and refrain should be a cappella (on a really lukewarm gospel song).  By the time the band entered, all the energy had gone out of it.  We did another verse and refrain (and no tag!) and it ended.  It was a really weird way to end the service.  So much for that!

Black Friday

Yacht Rock played Atlantic Station last night.  We were set up on a stage in between the Rosa Mexicano and the movie theatre.

It was kind of a strange gig.  We showed up while the band before us was playing--an Atlanta wedding band string of songs:  Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide/I'll Take You There, the PG version of Cee-Lo's Fuck You, and then It's Tricky/Funky Cold Medina/Oye Como Va.  It's hard for me to say whether or not they were even any good.  Those kind of lowest-common-denominator set lists are such a turn off, and it's not like they were trying to get close to the sounds--it was the same acoustic piano/guitar/bass thing for all of it.  I walked away.

While we were setting up, Georgia Tech held their pep rally.  That was kind of odd.  We kind of worked around Buzz while he was throwing out free t shirts.  The cheerleaders and a smaller version of the band were also in attendance.  When that finished, the crowd dispersed.

Our sets were pretty good.  We ha…

Turkey Eve

Yacht Rock played our now annual Turkey Eve show.  This year's event was at the Park Tavern in the room upstairs (not in the tent, which now holds the ice rink!).

We played two shows.  I think both went pretty well.  The first one was just about sold out;  the second was not quite there, but still maybe five hundred people.

I really don't like playing that room very much.  Acoustically, it's a big glass shoebox;  once the sound starts bouncing around, the only thing you can do to hear yourself is to push your own volume up above the natural reverb.  It's funny that it feels the opposite downstairs--there's not enough reflection in the tent, and so I NEVER feel like I'm in the PA.

The stage has also been an issue in the past when we have played this room--the never make it deep enough and instead try and make these worthless one-stage-square wings.  When we played our Christmas show last year, all of my gear was crammed up against me, and then in the course of…


After the fun of this weekend's stand at The Strand, I was up early Sunday morning.

My first stop was church gig number one.  Not too much happened…I don't if it was because I'd played a lot the day before, but it didn't feel like I contributed much.  I think part of the problem is that the on stage sound is pretty poor, so it's difficult to cut loose--if I play too much or too loud, I can't hear what else is happening.

When I was putting my clarinet together, the cork in the center joint disintegrated.  Great...

While we were on break we were served with a big packet of papers.  Beginning next year, we will be considered employees of the church;  taxes will be taken!  I asked if we'd get health care, but they said we were part timers, so no.  We do get background checks and drug tests.  It seems like a lot for a hundred bucks a week.

There must be some angle that benefits the church (though they made it sound like this was something they "had" to…

Seattle to the Strand

Here's the news:

We arrived early in the afternoon,  checked into our hotel (the W downtown),

and headed out to the Pike Place Market in search of food.

Eventually, we landed at Steelhead Diner.  It was really good!  I'm not really a fish eater, so I was worried that I might end up with a meal of french fries and water.  The menu had a variety of things;  I ended up with some kind of pork sandwich.

We went back to our rooms after that.  I went and worked out, and then decided to wait in my room for the half hour until we were going to go out.

Thursday:  I woke up in my clothes with the lights and the TV on at 5:45 AM local time--I'd fallen asleep and missed going out.  Since I was pretty well rested, I went downstairs and got coffee, and then poked around on the internet while watching the sunrise.

When Seattle finally woke up, I made my way over to the Space Needle.  Pretty cool.  I went up in the first elevator of the day--me and some weird British indie band.

Next, I ex…

Trio at the Aquarium

I had the great pleasure of playing a trio gig at the Aquarium yesterday evening.  Easy gig…an hour and a half of music for V.I.P.s.  This gig was Tyrone Jackson on keyboard and Kevin Smith on bass.

Here's the audio.  Kevin was really playing his butt off:

I hope you'll check it out.  Good stuff.


The gigs continue!

Sunday morning was my regular church gig.  Not much to report.  We had a special guest:  steel guitarist Tommy Dodd.  Really impressive.  I have no idea how that thing works…it's like ten strings, eight pedals, the knee bend thing…plus the nifty seat, the amp, the cart.  That thing's a commitment.  Sure sounds cool, though.

That being said, I have no idea why he was there.  There was no special feature, no big solo, no songs yearning to be caressed by a pedal steel.  How about bringing him in on a week when I'm out of town?  Odd.

Other than that, it was the usual stuff.  Fire drill of a rehearsal, no biggie for the service.  We're wearing all black now (before it was jeans and a shirt with a collar).  Again, I'm wondering why the change fifteen months into us playing this gig.  It seems pretty random.  And I hate the all black thing--it's like wearing a tux these days at a wedding gig.  It says "we have no style, so we're wearing al…

House Gig #2 (BACON!)

Yacht Rock played another gig at somebody's house;  two nights, two houses.  This one is the same party we've played the past couple of years (the one where my EWI froze!), in a tent in a guy's backyard in North Druid Hills.

This year's gig was the best yet.  For starters, they had a crew to carry all of our equipment from the driveway, through the garage, and up the steps.  Secondly, we had Kip Conner running sound, which meant better quality and less gear to move!  Lastly, the stage was significantly larger--no jigsaw puzzle set ups like we've done in the past.

This gig (for me) is also known for its bacon.  They order forty(!) pounds of sugary bacon--that's the dessert after everybody's eaten supper.  Every year I try (and fail) to eat none.  It's too good.