The Band in the Bubble

We played the infamous (for me) frozen EWI gig again last night.  Fortunately, the weather was much better, and I had no equipment issues.  It was still a little chilly when we began, but this party was full of people that dug the band, so as soon as we began people came out to the tent and warmed it up.

I kept waiting for my EWI to freak out.  One thing I did notice--when I would switch it on, it would get stuck on this "screen."  It would make no sound.

I would then turn it off and turn it back on and get the normal screen.

After the tent got pretty warm, it would turn on directly to the normal screen.  Weird, huh?

Mark Cobb was pretty amazing last night.  He was super groovy.  When he's that "on" everybody sounds better.  Awesome!  I remember thinking "Goddamn he's good!" about three songs into the night.

We played three sets and we done by 11:30.  Actually, I had shut down all my stuff and taken the reeds off both mouthpieces when it was decided that we would play one more.  Yikes!  It turned out to be just EWI and keyboards (Rosanna), and there ended up being enough time for my computer to reboot.

Here's a video of  Dannells and me dancing at the House of Blues in Orlando a couple of weeks back.

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