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Dallas to Acworth

I spent the weekend waiting…somewhere in there I played two wedding receptions.

The first gig was in Dallas with Yacht Rock.  We flew out first thing Saturday morning--landed at DFW at before noon.  Unfortunately, we didn't load into the venue until 6:30 PM, so we killed off those hours with a big meal at a Mexican restaurant and a walk to Dealey Plaza.  Everybody should eat too much, walk around in 105 degree heat, and look at a bunch of pictures of JFK's blown out skull.  The Dallas experience.

I managed to get a nap in there while watching hurricane coverage.

The reception was at the House of Blues in Dallas--not in the main concert room, but in the restaurant part.  What a pathetic excuse for a music venue!  The stage was small (no big deal there), but the PA was pathetic (two mismatched monitors, sixteen channel board, and two Mackie SRM-450s hung from the ceiling for mains), and the guy overseeing the production spent more time looking at his phone than us.  I don't …

Bomb Night at the 10 High

Ahh, the 10 High.  It was tough to go back after last week's excitement.

I think we played ok.  I played well personally, but as a band we were pretty flat.  I had an awesome alto reed--right in that perfectly broken in moment in its life.  Unfortunately, there were only two alto songs on the setlist, though (and two tenor tunes).  Bummer.  The keyboard stuff was all good (we played Lonely Boy).  I was really comfortable with everything--I can't think of anything were I screwed up.  Probably the worst thing I did was to accidentally hit record on my Fantom a couple of times while we were playing Ride Like the Wind--the way my hand was shaped kept turning it (and the accompanying metronome) on.

Actually, the worst thing I did was on my flute solo for Lowdown.  I tried to think of it as A7 instead of E minor, and then I tried to play an altered scale over that (which was NOT an improvement), and then I thought I'd stick with it to see if my ear would adjust.  It did not.  I…

Yacht Rock Tour!

Last Tuesday night, Yacht Rock launched a short tour up to New York City.  Pretty cool, and wildly successful!

We left around 8 PM and spent Tuesday night in Charlotte.  There was no gig there, but we wanted to get a chunk of the driving out of the way.  Our ultimate goal of the first leg was to get to Washington DC, but it was too far to try and drive straight from Atlanta and then set up and play a gig.

Wednesday we drove to DC.  We arrived right around 6 PM (just in time for rush hour!) and loaded into a club call Saloun in Georgetown.  It was not much of a bar.  A really long shoebox of a room with a tiny stage, no PA, no lighting, flies in the restroom, broken windows…pretty nasty.  We did get to park the van right outside the front door, though, so I guess it wasn't all bad.

The promoter who hooked us up with the gig was informed at 6 that there was no PA.  It finally arrived three hours later--two main speakers, two monitors, one mixer, and some cables.  Not impressive!  I …

The Greatest Yacht Rock Revival Ever (until next year!)

Pleaserock put on a festival:  The Greatest Yacht Rock Revival in the Universe!  It was a huge success.  Maybe 1,800 people showed up?  Something like that.  Awesome.

Everybody played well, the sound was good, and the energy was great.  Check out these super awesome videos:


A quick run down from my side:

1.  It was hot, and I noticed on the first song (Nights on Broadway) that the EWI was playing itself, so I had to back the breath control knob down.  At least it didn't cause weird MIDI glitches like it did Thursday night.

2.  The Starbuck reunion!  Wow!  The other guys from Starbuck had not spoken to lead singer Bruce Blackman in thirty years, but he showed up Saturday night unannounced, and they reconciled.  AND THEN he came up on stage and sang Moonlight Feels Right with us.  Unbelievable.  Highlight of the night.

3.  I don't know the chords behind the guitar solo of Walter Egan's Only the Lucky.  I thought I did.  I was wrong.  It's 1 4 5 1, 1 5 4 51, 1 4 5 1,…