The Greatest Yacht Rock Revival Ever (until next year!)

Pleaserock put on a festival:  The Greatest Yacht Rock Revival in the Universe!  It was a huge success.  Maybe 1,800 people showed up?  Something like that.  Awesome.

Peter Beckett (Player) rehearsing with Yacht Rock

Everybody played well, the sound was good, and the energy was great.  Check out these super awesome videos:


A quick run down from my side:

1.  It was hot, and I noticed on the first song (Nights on Broadway) that the EWI was playing itself, so I had to back the breath control knob down.  At least it didn't cause weird MIDI glitches like it did Thursday night.

2.  The Starbuck reunion!  Wow!  The other guys from Starbuck had not spoken to lead singer Bruce Blackman in thirty years, but he showed up Saturday night unannounced, and they reconciled.  AND THEN he came up on stage and sang Moonlight Feels Right with us.  Unbelievable.  Highlight of the night.

3.  I don't know the chords behind the guitar solo of Walter Egan's Only the Lucky.  I thought I did.  I was wrong.  It's 1 4 5 1, 1 5 4 51, 1 4 5 1, 1 4 5 1.  I flipped those first two ( 1 5 4 51, 1 4 5 1), then just played a A and some bullshit.

4.  My keyboard (the Fantom on top) started making a horrible, high digital noise during You Should be Dancing.  I don't know why.  I just turned it on and off a couple of times, and reselected and saved the same string patch, and it went away.  Greeeeeaaaaaaat.  Just what I need with four gigs in a row coming up.

Sunday…I dragged myself off the couch a few hours after this and went to my church gigs.  Church gig number one featured the final performance by our drummer, Chris Wilkes, who is moving to Portland, Maine.  He will be missed!  This week, we had a horn section, so all I did was read charts.  I could get used to that.

After a nice long nap, church gig number two was ok.  I wish I'd recorded it, because I had a better mix this week.  I cut all the lows out and boosted the highs, and it was much clearer in the back of the room.  Live and learn.  Playing-wise, I was pretty bad.  Bad flute face, bad soprano reed.

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