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Charts and Charts and Charts and Church

Yacht Rock (I guess we won't really be YRR since we're not doing in YRR tunes) has a big private gig coming up for Home Depot in Las Vegas.  There's a horn section, so I was charged with writing charts.   That's how I spent my weekend--cranking out music for ten tunes.  We'll play through them tomorrow with the band, and then I'll spend some more time editing them.  Ten tunes with three horns on each one…so far I've invested about twenty hours.

No gigs this weekend, save ye ol' church gig.  Considering that I spent the entire weekend parked at my computer, I don't think I sounded too bad.

Love from Train and Love for John Oates

Yacht Rock just got off the Sail Across the Sun Cruise, hosted by the band Train.  This was (by our count) our ninth music cruise.  You could say we're getting the hang of it.

Let me begin by offering my apologies if Michael Franti pops out of your computer and starts rapping and dancing barefoot on your desk.  Franti was everywhere on the boat, dancing in the crowd, walking around George Town, playing his own gigs, and guesting on everybody else's gigs.  It was cool--I mean, the dude is an immensely optimistic, sweet guy, and I've got nothing against him, but I think there might be more than one of him because he was everywhere!

The real story of the cruise was the legend of John Oates, the little buddy half of Hall and Oates, who's pretty much every musician on the boat's hero by now.  Helped write the hits, helped play the hits, played the biggest stadiums, sang on We Are the World for god's sake, rocked the 'stache, shaved the 'stache, and now doe…

Georgia Theatre

Yacht Rock played a great show at the Georgia Theatre in Athens Saturday night.  The circumstances were a bit unusual in that there was a charity boxing match before us…?  Wait, what?  I'm not sure, but we loaded in around 7:30 PM and played at 10:15 PM.

Good show!  We did one big two hour set to a full house.  Everybody played well, and the stage sound was a bit quieter (and better) than usual.  I'm not sure why--I want to believe that as the sound guys have figured out how to make us sound good in this room, and don't try and mix us like we're some heavy rock band.  On stage, I think it was just the luck of starting from scratch with the monitor guy, and things never got turned up too loud in soundcheck.

We made good time getting back to Atlanta.  I think I was in bed by 3:30 AM.

I managed to stay awake through my church gig Sunday night.  Not always an easy thing.

PM Church Gig

Ahh, the PM church gig…a bit light on attendance tonight.

My tuning on flute and soprano was actually very good tonight (for a change), but there wasn't much to play.  My mix was ok;  I didn't get much help from the mostly tepid performance.

I won't even try and come up with anything else to say about it.  I did my job and I left.

The Usual

Yacht Rock played a private party last night (Saturday) in Atlanta.  Not too much to report here, other than our old friend Kevin Leahy subbed for the vacationing Mark Cobb on drums.  I've known Kevin since our freshman year at Indiana;  suddenly, that was more than twenty years ago.

Anyway, it was two seventy-five minute sets with a half hour break for the DJ to fill.  The setlist was very safe, as is always the case when we have subs.

One of the more exciting/annoying moments of the gig was the lady who invited herself on stage to dance not once but twice.  I guess there's the "everybody look at me!" thing, but I'm not sure what the thrill is.  We didn't even play Dancing in the Dark.

The other moment:  a lady (different from our dancer) offered us sexual favors in exchange for playing an encore.  We did play the extra tune, but there was no payoff.  Nor did she help break down or load our gear out (which I would have preferred).

In other news…videos from…

JCT Kitchen

I had a nice organ trio gig at JCT Kitchen Thursday night, part of their little series of music on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  Justin Chesarek played half of a drum set (1 cymbal, hi hats, snare, and bass drum), and David Ellington brought his smallest organ setup.  We were jammed in the corner, but made the best of it, with some of the gear on the bench that lines the wall, and Dave sat on his subwoofer instead of an organ bench.  Not only were we trying to fit into the space;  we were also fighting the less than ideal acoustics (all glass and concrete).  I played the entire gig with material plugging the bell of my horn.

The idea is that once the weather warms up, we'll be out on the patio (much more accommodating for space and volume).

So…still really fun, though!  We focused on Blue Note stuff from the late 50s and early 60s.  I found lead sheets online for many of the tunes--great songs that are underplayed!  Things got loose in a few spots, but overall I think …