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Yacht Rock was in Atlanta all weekend (for a change), closing out the summer with a few local gigs.

Friday:  Park Tavern.  Due to this year's schedule, we only played here in July, August, and September.  Gone are the days of playing the first Friday of every month all summer long!  The crowd was pretty good--maybe 750?--and fairly tame.  We had Keisha Jackson come and sing a few songs with us (in particular, the Pointer Sisters I'm So Excited), and we brought a back a few songs that we haven't played in a while.  All were challenging due to the fact that our gear was in the trailer all week, so I imagined a lot of synth parts while practicing them on piano!

Saturday:  We performed at East Lake Golf Club as part of the PGA Tour Championship this weekend.  This is our third year playing this gig, and the first one where there hasn't been monsoon-like conditions.

Our show was in a tent in a sponsor's pavilion.  As usual, it was a fairly easy show once we got on site a…


Yacht Rock spent last weekend in Texas.  Dig it:

Friday:  We were once again on an early flight out of Atlanta, this time bound for Houston.  Why so early?  We played a fundraiser at an elementary school before our load into the House of Blues.

I had a window seat on the flight over.

The school thing was tied to our evening gig--it sounded like they bought a big block of tickets for the show, and in exchange we agreed to make an appearance--our usual three song, stripped down show for the kiddos.  We also recorded some sort of music for an auction, but all of that went by so fast that I wasn't really following what was going on.

Anyway, on to the main event--the House of Blues in Houston!  Yes!  What a cool place to play!

This was a great first gig of the run--the room was cool, the crowd was tremendous (over 700 for our first time in Houston), and we played well.  Shows like this make the other stuff worth it.

Saturday:  We got up and headed to the Dallas/Ft Worth area for an out…


To be perfectly honest, I couldn't even remember where we were earlier this week for the gig, and I'm not totally sure of what day it is today.  I woke up three times last night thinking that I was late for my flight, even though we don't fly again until tomorrow.  Soooooo...

Tuesday:  We got up super damn early and flew to Orlando.  There was a tropical storm off the eastern coast, and we had rain pretty much the entire day.

Lunch in Celebration, Florida.  This place didn't exist when I lived here.  It feels like the town from The Truman Show.

The rain is moving in!

Nice hotel rooms for the night at The Swan.  Corporate gigs do have their perks!  Our day was drawn out enough that after soundcheck there were several hours of down time.  I think just about all of us went back to our rooms and slept.

The rain is here!

This gig was a private party for a fast food chain--the typical party setting to close out an evening of meetings. Unfortunately, there was no green room f…

This Week's Trips

Yacht Rock played two private fly dates this week--a corporate party in Austin, and a wedding reception in California.  Too far apart (and too far away) to drive our gear, we had to fly to both, which meant dragging my gear through a few airports, and the anxiety of making it past the guardians of the airport gates.  Fortunately, I made it through without incident.

Thursday:  The nine of us (seven band plus Kip and Zach) assembled at the airport for our trip to Austin.

This particular show was a private party for a corporate client in a small club downtown.

Another tiny corner stage!  It took some time to figure out how we could get everything on stage and still play.  Pretty tight.

Nick was out for this gig, so Greg Lee rotated up to the front line, and we had Rob Henson sub on bass.

The backline gear was pretty good for this one.  My only problem was a wonky sustain pedal for the top keyboard.  During the first song, I stepped on it and it stayed on, so I quickly reached up and yan…