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Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Another slow week here on the blog, but I did want to post a recording of Maxwell's Silver Hammer from last weekend's glorious Please Pleaserock Me/Yacht Rock Revue performance of the Beatles' Abbey Road.  This arrangement features Richard Sherrington (trombone), Rob Opitz (trumpet), Greg Lee (alto sax) and me (tenor sax).

Drive By

I had a fantastic time playing with the Drive By Big Band yesterday!  I was mildly terrified when I got the call;  I hadn't played in a big band since the late 90s, and I hadn't played lead alto since high school.  I really didn't know what to expect, and my most recent gig where I had to sightread everything (Jorge Alvarez) was a disaster.  What if I failed miserably song after song in front of fifteen of my peers?

Fortunately, none of that happened.  The charts were cool (and readable), everybody in the band was friendly, and it turned out to be a ton of fun and a great hang.  I can't wait to do it again!

Hitting the Courts

The day after our hugely awesome gig at the Variety Playhouse, Yacht Rock was back at it again, this time on a big private party in Johns Creek.  This, I believe, is our fourth year playing this party, and it's always pretty easy--two sets for an enthusiastic (and very good looking) audience on indoor tennis courts.  

Someone in our band may have damaged the building's plumbing.
We're at the Georgia Theatre in Athens this Friday (May 1!).  More info here:

Abbey Road and More

Wow!  GREAT gig last night at Variety Playhouse--Yacht Rock's alter ego Please Pleaserock Me play all of the Beatles' album Abbey Road, plus a second set of more Beatles stuff.  For me, that was twenty songs with horn arrangements (most of which were already written, but I had to figure out how to incorporate another voice--trombone--into them without disturbing the trumpet or alto sax parts).  We had Rob Opitz on trumpet and Richard Sherrington on trombone.  It was a pretty badass sounding section!

Our Beatles shows are always a music store's worth of gear, and this one proved to be no exception.  I brought:

1.  Keyboard (for strings)
2.  Bari sax
3.  Tenor Sax
4.  Flute
5.  Piccolo
6.  Clarinet
7.  Hand percussion

This was also our first time using iPads for charts on the Please Pleaserock Me show.  More success!

The only non-success for the evening was my tenor reed, which began soundcheck in mid-gig form, and was soft and blah by the time I needed to really lean on it …

Cross Country Gigging

An unusual week last week:  two gigs on opposite corners of the country.  Wednesday night Yacht Rock played a gig in San Diego, and Friday night we played a gig in Niagara Falls.  Lots of time on airplanes in between.
Tuesday:  up super early to fly west.  We met up at 6:30 AM.  We were in San Diego by mid morning--cool because we had over twenty-four hours of down time before the gig, but...why the hell were we here so early?

10 AM in San Diego was lunch time for us, so we walked to a restaurant from our hotel.

Past the Top Gun/Great Balls of Fire restaurant


To a restaurant down by the water:

I guess San Diego's old jail was in the same complex?  We checked it out and took some pictures.

From there, I went to check out the USS Midway, which has been converted into a really cool naval museum.  Super cool!  I love this stuff.

I take this to mean they fished the astronauts from multiple Apollo missions out of the ocean?