Abbey Road and More

Wow!  GREAT gig last night at Variety Playhouse--Yacht Rock's alter ego Please Pleaserock Me play all of the Beatles' album Abbey Road, plus a second set of more Beatles stuff.  For me, that was twenty songs with horn arrangements (most of which were already written, but I had to figure out how to incorporate another voice--trombone--into them without disturbing the trumpet or alto sax parts).  We had Rob Opitz on trumpet and Richard Sherrington on trombone.  It was a pretty badass sounding section!

Our Beatles shows are always a music store's worth of gear, and this one proved to be no exception.  I brought:

1.  Keyboard (for strings)
2.  Bari sax
3.  Tenor Sax
4.  Flute
5.  Piccolo
6.  Clarinet
7.  Hand percussion

This was also our first time using iPads for charts on the Please Pleaserock Me show.  More success!

The only non-success for the evening was my tenor reed, which began soundcheck in mid-gig form, and was soft and blah by the time I needed to really lean on it for solos.  Oops.  There will be no altissimo this evening.  Terribly sorry.

Our next scheduled performance will be at Turner Field on August 28, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four's performance at Fulton County Stadium.

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