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The Gilligan Show

Yacht Rock played the corporate event for whom we had rerecorded the Gilligan's Island Theme (with their lyrics).  Easy gig--we played one two hour set to close out their program.  Early in the evening, we played the theme for them, and they couldn't have cared less.  Uhhhhh…I don't get it.

The event was at the Evergreen Marriott in Stone Mountain Park.  A half hour into setting up, we had to evacuate the building for a fire alarm.  Not a good start!

I'd never seen a lighting/sound rig with a birdcage of trusses, especially for a corporate event in a hotel ballroom.

We set up and then waited for two hours while they ran their program.  Eventually, we made it to hiding behind a curtain.

Finally, they introduced us and we could play.  We had Ganesh Giri Jaya subbing on drums--great job!

I played great.  Damnit!  Why couldn't I have been terrible tonight and good on Turkey Eve at Smith's, or some average for both?

My Old Routine

Back to the church gigs!

My AM church gig is running out of money, and thus the horn section was disbanded (at least through the end of the year).  I'm back to improvising parts and filling in the gaps, which is kind of nice.  I liked the parts aspect of playing within the section, but there wasn't any freedom.  I played a lot of soprano this morning, which was a nice change pace.

Another cool thing about this morning was that I was positioned right smack in the middle of the band (piano across the front of us, drums behind me, bass to the left, acoustic guitar to the right), which meant that I could hear everything well.  Matt was even generous enough to provide a monitor for me.

I think I played pretty well.  Both my soprano and my tenor might have some leaks that need to be corrected.  Maybe it's a mental issue, or a reed issue, or some combination of both.

After lunch, I took some time to investigate my new travel sax case, made by Battle Cases.  The idea is that I wo…

Blue Lou

I had a House Live gig last night as part of a wedding reception at the Ritz (Buckhead).  Wayne, Jeremy, and myself were on this one, with a Studio 54 disco theme (I wore some of my Yacht Rock clothes).

Across the hall from us was Steve Tyrell (also part of the same reception).  The band was all New York guys, and the two horn players happened to be Lew Soloff and Lou Marini!  Wow!  Quite a thrill to meet both of them.

Our gig was an easy two hours, most of which was played to an empty room.  I played really well--I played like at any moment, Blue Lou might walk in and check me out!

Turkey Eve

Agh!  I was terrible!  I should have thrown myself down the back stairs as punishment.  The worst show I've played in quite a while.  I deserved that load out.

West Coast!

Yacht Rock returned last night from a fantastic trip to Los Angeles, California.  I'd never been to LA;  in my mind it was Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Fletch, Training Day, and L.A. Law, plus some OJ.  It pretty much lived up to that.

P.S.  David Sanborn played sax on the L.A. Law theme song.

P.S.S.  Was Susan Dey hot?

Wednesday:  we flew nonstop Atlanta to LAX.  I slept for all but about twenty minutes of the flight--asleep by the end of the safety video, awake to buy a sandwich somewhere over Oklahoma, and then woke up as we made the initial approach.

First stop:  In and Out Burger.  Having now eaten one, I'm not sure what the big deal is.

LA Weekly was advertising our show, but unfortunately misspelled our name.

Next up, we hit the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, which is stacked full of celebrities, and they're all jammed in this little lot behind a couple of office buildings.  You may read a list of the dead people here.  If you don't care to, just know…

More Trio Stuff

I lucked into playing a corporate brunch gig today in Buckhead at a place called Estate (kind of back behind Buckhead Diner and Fogo de Chao if you are familiar with Atlanta).  The building is an old house that has been converted into an event space.  I think it was a restaurant previously.  This was their grand opening as Estate.

Anyway, we played in a nice ballroom space with hardwood floors and and high ceilings and glass windows.  Not exactly the best acoustics, though it does give the recordings some natural reverb.  It also made the crowd super loud in the middle of the gig.  We, on the other hand, were under strict orders to play softly--I had my sax neck pouch in the bell of my tenor to cut down on the volume.

Louis Heriveaux played keyboard and Kevin Smith (in his magnificent new suit) played bass.  We debuted a new tune (currently untitled) that I finished last night--after several weeks, I finally heard it clearly enough in my head that I could write it down.  I like it!  …

Irish Wedding

Constantly Awesome (Yacht Rock) played a wedding reception for the owner of Limerick Junction last night at Paris on Ponce.

Paris on Ponce used to be a really cool place to play.  It's kind of funky, and the load in was right next to the stage.  Since the installation of the Belt Line, there's no more bringing in equipment through the back.  Boo.  The only way to do it is to snake through the entire store.  Not cool!  They did finally move the grand piano off stage, which is a plus.  Now if they could figure out how to get some light on stage...

Check out the cake.  Awesome!

This gig ended up with a lot of Beatles tunes and not much yacht rock, so I didn't have much to do.  I played a good solo on Use Me, and that was about it.  We didn't play either of the new tunes--Raspberry Beret or Hip to be Square.  It probably wasn't the right crowd for those.  Very easy, low key gig.  Shitty tenor reed.

We loaded all of our gear into the trailer and sent it off to L.A.  See…