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I lucked into playing a corporate brunch gig today in Buckhead at a place called Estate (kind of back behind Buckhead Diner and Fogo de Chao if you are familiar with Atlanta).  The building is an old house that has been converted into an event space.  I think it was a restaurant previously.  This was their grand opening as Estate.

Anyway, we played in a nice ballroom space with hardwood floors and and high ceilings and glass windows.  Not exactly the best acoustics, though it does give the recordings some natural reverb.  It also made the crowd super loud in the middle of the gig.  We, on the other hand, were under strict orders to play softly--I had my sax neck pouch in the bell of my tenor to cut down on the volume.

Louis Heriveaux played keyboard and Kevin Smith (in his magnificent new suit) played bass.  We debuted a new tune (currently untitled) that I finished last night--after several weeks, I finally heard it clearly enough in my head that I could write it down.  I like it!  Number 4 on the player below.

 David Freeman Trio - November 13, 2012 by David B Freeman

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