Irish Wedding

Constantly Awesome (Yacht Rock) played a wedding reception for the owner of Limerick Junction last night at Paris on Ponce.

Paris on Ponce used to be a really cool place to play.  It's kind of funky, and the load in was right next to the stage.  Since the installation of the Belt Line, there's no more bringing in equipment through the back.  Boo.  The only way to do it is to snake through the entire store.  Not cool!  They did finally move the grand piano off stage, which is a plus.  Now if they could figure out how to get some light on stage...

Check out the cake.  Awesome!

This gig ended up with a lot of Beatles tunes and not much yacht rock, so I didn't have much to do.  I played a good solo on Use Me, and that was about it.  We didn't play either of the new tunes--Raspberry Beret or Hip to be Square.  It probably wasn't the right crowd for those.  Very easy, low key gig.  Shitty tenor reed.

We loaded all of our gear into the trailer and sent it off to L.A.  See you in California!

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