The Bacon Gig

Last night, Yacht Rock played a private party in Druid Hills--fourth year we've played the same party.  It's an easy event for us because the people are cool, the house is nice (we play in a tent in the back yard), and the food is great.  In particular, the dessert is sugar coated bacon--they order something like fifty pounds of it.  I think I could eat all of it.

Kip Conner on sound.  Wish we'd had him Thursday night!

We tried out two new songs:  Raspberry Beret and Hip to Be Square.  In spite of my preparations, I still fumbled through both songs.  I think I need to live with them a little longer before I've got it--it doesn't seem that I'm hearing my part in my head quite yet.

Mark Cobb brought his electronic drum pad to the gig, and ended up playing some cool stuff, particularly on You Should be Dancing, where he played a conga part alongside the drum part.  Nice.

Right at 11:30 PM, the police showed up and shut down the party.  First time we've ever had that happen!

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