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Aquarium Gig!

I did a House Live gig at the Georgia Aquarium last night.  It's been a while…Wayne dubbed it our reunion tour!

As usual, it was a super easy gig.  We played in the Atrium overlooking…the atrium.  I don't know how else to say that.  Party Nation was in the ballroom (great to see my old friends in there:  Steve Cunningham, Maurice White, and Allen Cook).

The entire aquarium was open to the crowd.  It seemed like there were only about four hundred people there altogether, so we probably only played for a hundred and fifty people.  Very sparse.  Check out these pictures, taken DURING the gig!  Nobody out there!

They delayed our start by a half hour, so we wandered around for an hour an a half before doors opened.

When we left, the gate was up, so free parking to top it off!  Yay for that!

Trio Gig

I (along with Louis Heriveaux and Kevin Smith) played a trio gig last night in the CNN atrium.  Some kind of corporate reception background music thing.  No sweat.  Actually, I did sweat quite a bit trying to get the PA and my stuff into the atrium.  I couldn't find the phantom CNN loading dock entrance and had to do some evasive driving in 5:30 downtown traffic.  No fun.  Eventually, I just gave up and turned my truck in at the valet at the CNN/Omni.  From there, eight steps led to lots of elevator rides to nowhere.  Needless to say, by the time I finally got to the atrium, I was not happy (and I still had to set everything up).

The gig itself was a really tedious.  The time between the three of us seemed (to me) to be all over the place.  Listening back, it doesn't seem as bad as it felt.  I was not happy--it felt like there was no groove and no energy.  It got better mid-gig, but then evaporated again at the end.  I was glad when the gig finally ended.  It felt too much lik…

Another Wild Weekend

Man!  What a good weekend!

Thursday, Yacht Rock played the 10 High.  Nick was sick so Kevin Spencer filled in for him;  Ganesh on drums.  Not too bad of a night!  We had a good crowd (we made good money).  I played well.  Reports from Pete (playing my keyboard on Silly Love Songs) were thus:  "Your sax sounds like shit!"  And thus, my time with the amazing TC Voicelive 2 has come to an end.  It looked cool, it could do lots of stuff, it was well made…but it didn't work well for me on stage.  The crappier Digitech pedal is not nearly as hip, but it works.  I spent most of the second set not thinking about what was happening on stage--I was focused on why I couldn't get what I wanted out of the TC pedal.  Boo.  I can't play gigs worried about my equipment (well, not necesarily true--I already do that;  I just want to keep it to a bare minimum).  TC out.  Purple pedal in.

Friday, Yacht Rock traveled up to the Mercy Lounge in Nashville.  SOLD OUT!!  Woo!  How cool is t…

Tony Winston to the Rescue!

I had a crazy trio gig yesterday…how crazy can it get when you're in a hotel ballroom playing music while people eat and ignore you?

First, I had to stop and pick up speakers and speaker stands right as a monsoon was passing through town.

As I was pulling away, I got voicemail from Tyrone saying he was in big trouble!  A Clayton County sheriff had been shot and killed near his house, and the police had locked down his entire neighborhood while they searched for the suspect.  Holy cow!  He couldn't leave home.

Kevin and Cid (our handler) called everyone they could think of (I was off playing solo saxophone in the prefunction), and we finally got Tony Winston on the phone.  He came screaming downtown--missed three songs and he was in.  Nice!  He totally saved the day.  The clients were cool about it.

Here's the audio:


Keepin' Busy

Let me fill you in on what's been happening…

Friday:  Another installment of Please Pleaserock Me at Smith's Olde Bar.  For this one, we went up against the Main Street Exiles (Rolling Stones tribute).  They were ok;  we were good.  I think we won!  It was (as usual) an easy night for me.  I probably spent as much time drinking beer and taking pictures as I did on stage.  Still fun, though!  Paul Poovey on trumpet with us.  He played very well, as did Dannell's brand new awesome guitar (P90s are sweet).

If you're lonely you can talk to Wheat.  Hell yeah.

Saturday:  Yacht Rock played a birthday party in Athens at the Hotel Indigo.  This one took a while to get going.  It seemed like there were probably only fifty people in attendance…kind of a strange gig for us.  Still, they were into it.  The stage was really small but acoustically very dead, so the sound was good, though Dannells' P90s were a bit noisy.  He's thinking about switching them out for some noiseless…

Happy Endings Night

Yacht Rock played the 10 High last night.  We billed it as "Happy Endings Night"--the usual songs, but probably with mangled endings.  Once we got on stage, I don't think we were that interested in the endings;  maybe we were ONLY focused on the endings.  Whatever…Bencuya was recording, and I think we felt pressured to come up with something funny, but couldn't quite do it.

I had a pretty good night;  I even made it halfway through the first song before I remembered that the recorder was there!  The entire night I would forget about it, remember it, forget about, remember it…or play well, play well, play well, screw up, remember the recorder, beat myself up for the rest of the song, forget it, play well, play well, play well, brain fart!  That kind of thing.

I got my pedal a little closer to sounding good.  Here's a comparison of the sax thing in Reminiscing (the original and then us).  I have the harmony programmed into it.  This is the best it has sounded.


Quartet gig!

I was fortunate enough to hire three of my favorite musicians for a quartet gig last night.  Tyrone Jackson, Kevin Smith, and Marlon Patton were awesome.  Great gig!

Here's the audio.  The sound file from the first set malfunctioned (the file was there and had a large size, but when I would open it there was nothing there), so I only have the stuff from the second and third sets.  Good stuff.  Check out Tyrone's solo on Back Where I Belong, or Marlon's crazy Chris Dave-delayed-backbeat thing behind the bass solo on the same tune (or all the stuff Tyrone was coming up with behind the bass solo!).  How do they keep coming up with this stuff?

We were supposed to be background music, but a fair number of people congregated around the band to listen, sitting on the floor and applauding after each song.  Yikes!  Marlon suggested at one point that I should introduce the band.

More of these, please!

Tales from the Weekend

I'm finally back near my computer long enough to update my blog…

Thursday:  10 High.  It was an ok night all the way around.  The crowd was thin and ambivalent;  not the inspiring throng we seem to need these days to really put on a killer show.  Things were fine, but nothing important springs to mind.

Friday:  Park Tavern.  Sold out show--Christmas in July/80s night!  This was a good show.  It was obviously packed, and that made it fun.  It's kind of crazy how excited people get about seeing us perform at this point.  You'd think that the majority of people who come to our shows have seen us and like us and they enjoy it, but these people get kind of weird about how MUCH they dig it.  People standing at the front of the stage appeared to be on the verge of insanity.

It Christmas, so we did a few Christmas tunes.  That was fine.  I failed (for the however many time in a row) to pick up my saxophone before we started Dick in a Box, which left me desperately looking for a chan…