Quartet gig!

I was fortunate enough to hire three of my favorite musicians for a quartet gig last night.  Tyrone Jackson, Kevin Smith, and Marlon Patton were awesome.  Great gig!

Here's the audio.  The sound file from the first set malfunctioned (the file was there and had a large size, but when I would open it there was nothing there), so I only have the stuff from the second and third sets.  Good stuff.  Check out Tyrone's solo on Back Where I Belong, or Marlon's crazy Chris Dave-delayed-backbeat thing behind the bass solo on the same tune (or all the stuff Tyrone was coming up with behind the bass solo!).  How do they keep coming up with this stuff?

We were supposed to be background music, but a fair number of people congregated around the band to listen, sitting on the floor and applauding after each song.  Yikes!  Marlon suggested at one point that I should introduce the band.

More of these, please!


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