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Sooooo...we had a gig in Greece last week, playing a single two hour show on a luxury cruise ship for corporate clients. In trade, we had a few days off in Athens before sightseeing off the boat in Rhodes, Crete, and Santorini. To top it off, our flight home had an extensive layover in Amsterdam. This will be some sort of personal record for blog photos, but remember--I'm working!

Monday: Atlanta to JFK to Athens.

Somebody a few rows behind me brought a dog, which whimpered and barked a little bit, and drove a few of the passengers nuts. Before we'd even left JFK, an Edith Bunker-sound-alike wanted to change seats because the dog "smells and he's already tried to bite me." The guy directly behind me proposed that the stewardess lock the dog in the bathroom. Nice people here in the back of the plane.


 From the airport, we took a sprinter van to our hotel in the middle of Athens.