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Compared to some of our previous weekends, the Yacht Rock Revue had it pretty easy last week--a quick trip up to Nashville and then a wedding back in Atlanta.

Before I go any further, though, you should check out our video of Jason Carter Says Yes.  Half of the music is live stuff from us at the 10 High a few years ago, and half was done via email (such as the sax and strings).  I love the way this turned out.  I am also very jealous of Greg Lee's hair.

Our version was based on some weird stuff Bencuya laid on us in the van many years ago called Jimmy Carter Says Yes, a song poem which uses some of JC's inauguration speech.  Bizarre, but nearly equally awesome.

Our version from the 10 High is probably the best of all three, and still pee-in-your-pants funny after we've heard it a hundred times.

Friday:  The plan for this trip was to assemble at noon and head north, presumably beating traffic and getting up to Nashville with enough time to tackle anything necessary in sound…

South Carolina

Whew...I'm getting slower and slower about updating this.  I'm still kind of decompressing from the previous two weeks' least, that's my excuse.

So anyway...rewind to last weekend:

Friday:  we drove to Charleston.  Driving there is a little strange--it seems like it should be interstate all the way, but instead you drive to Augusta, cross into South Carolina, and then wander through the cotton fields on two lane roads for a good while before you get on another interstate and resume your quest for signs of civilization.

The cotton is about ready.

I tried to persuade an uncollared dog at a gas station to get into our van, but once again to no avail.

We played Music Farm in Charleston.  My favorite part about this gig is walking down the street to the Thai restaurant-Basil--on the corner.  Good stuff.  Anything served with white rice has a good chance of making me happy.  It's genetic.

I went with these guys.

So...Music Farm.  Looks cool, sounds ok.  It…

D and D at JCT

David Ellington and I played a third gig of the week (!), this time as a duo at JCT Kitchen and Bar.  This was a much better gig than Wednesday night's rough outing.  We had a good time playing and got fed, too!  I said I wasn't going to do it, but I ordered the burger and fries again.

Check this stuff out.  Some good shit, if I do say so myself.

Wednesday Trio

Wow!  Two trio gigs in a week, tying a personal best.

This one had a weird set up in terms of where we were in the room.  The idea was to put us up on a balcony and let the music gently waft over the crowd, but looking back on it I wonder if we instead sounded like we were wafting from the restroom.  We were in a good spot to hear ourselves, but I have no idea what it was like down on the floor.

The local sound company played music for the first twenty minutes of our set, then checked a microphone over and over (the ol' "testing one two, testing one two, check check check") and then about twenty minutes after we finally started playing, put on Frank Sinatra over what we were doing.  Thanks?  During dinner (when we were once again supposed to be playing) I had to go downstairs and ask them to turn their canned music off so that we could play.  How bizarre.

I can't remember what these two were talking about.

Aside from that, things were ok.  The three of us never reac…