Wednesday Trio

Wow!  Two trio gigs in a week, tying a personal best.

This one had a weird set up in terms of where we were in the room.  The idea was to put us up on a balcony and let the music gently waft over the crowd, but looking back on it I wonder if we instead sounded like we were wafting from the restroom.  We were in a good spot to hear ourselves, but I have no idea what it was like down on the floor.

The local sound company played music for the first twenty minutes of our set, then checked a microphone over and over (the ol' "testing one two, testing one two, check check check") and then about twenty minutes after we finally started playing, put on Frank Sinatra over what we were doing.  Thanks?  During dinner (when we were once again supposed to be playing) I had to go downstairs and ask them to turn their canned music off so that we could play.  How bizarre.

I can't remember what these two were talking about.

Aside from that, things were ok.  The three of us never reached a consensus on where the beat was, which made every tune feel like work.

Dave's vintage tube amp had some weirdness tonight where it would softly sound an Eb.  He kept getting up mid song to tap the tubes and make it stop.  Changing to the other channel finally fixed it.

Our part of the evening finished before the event ended, so we were able to pack up and sneak away with nobody noticing.

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