Tony Winston to the Rescue!

I had a crazy trio gig yesterday…how crazy can it get when you're in a hotel ballroom playing music while people eat and ignore you?

First, I had to stop and pick up speakers and speaker stands right as a monsoon was passing through town.

As I was pulling away, I got voicemail from Tyrone saying he was in big trouble!  A Clayton County sheriff had been shot and killed near his house, and the police had locked down his entire neighborhood while they searched for the suspect.  Holy cow!  He couldn't leave home.

Kevin and Cid (our handler) called everyone they could think of (I was off playing solo saxophone in the prefunction), and we finally got Tony Winston on the phone.  He came screaming downtown--missed three songs and he was in.  Nice!  He totally saved the day.  The clients were cool about it.

Here's the audio:


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