The Gilligan Show

Yacht Rock played the corporate event for whom we had rerecorded the Gilligan's Island Theme (with their lyrics).  Easy gig--we played one two hour set to close out their program.  Early in the evening, we played the theme for them, and they couldn't have cared less.  Uhhhhh…I don't get it.

The event was at the Evergreen Marriott in Stone Mountain Park.  A half hour into setting up, we had to evacuate the building for a fire alarm.  Not a good start!

I'd never seen a lighting/sound rig with a birdcage of trusses, especially for a corporate event in a hotel ballroom.

We set up and then waited for two hours while they ran their program.  Eventually, we made it to hiding behind a curtain.

Finally, they introduced us and we could play.  We had Ganesh Giri Jaya subbing on drums--great job!

I played great.  Damnit!  Why couldn't I have been terrible tonight and good on Turkey Eve at Smith's, or some average for both?

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