One More

One more little private party for the weekend...Yacht Rock played an afternoon birthday party (I think--it may have been some other kind of party) at a restaurant in Buckhead.  If you were around Atlanta ten or fifteen years ago, there used to be a cluster of bars right in this area, but developers bought all of the property and made it a high end, Rodeo Drive sort of thing.  Ferraris and Aston Martins were parked outside.

Anyway, this one was a major throw and go.  We had all of our gear piled up at the back door, and on Kip's signal, we rushed in and set up.  I don't even remember if we sound checked.  Kip used one speaker as the PA.

We had Ganesh filling on drums today.  Excellent job.  Also, Zach was off doing something else all weekend, so we had Alan Smith assisting Kip with the audio for this handful of gigs.  Also excellent.

The party turned out to be thankfully very painless, a two hour gig with probably twenty-five minutes of speeches in the middle.  The crowd was not especially impressed with the fact that we were there (most of them were around the corner at the bar), but we did attract a few dancers (and, of course, some lady who requested Brown Eyed Girl, which almost ruined Mark Dannells' afternoon).  It was a perfectly low key event, and Monkeyboy punctuated it by sitting down for a song.

We finished at 6 PM, when the party had to turn the space back over to the restaurant.  We frantically pushed all of our gear out the back door and boogied out of there.  I kind of liked heading for home while the sun was still up.

It would have been a relaxing evening, but our annual Purple Rain show is this coming weekend, so there was much learning and reviewing.  Unfortunately, that kept me up all night.  If we can make it to next Monday, everything will be alright.

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