Double Dip!

I played two gigs as part of the same function last night.  Big money!  It turned out to be lots of standing around, too.  Wayne Viar and Paul Poovey were on the gig, so it was a good hang.

The first hour and a half was a House Live gig across the hall from the main ballroom.  Easy stuff.  We then had a couple of hours of down time before the main show kicked off, so we got a chance to eat and hang out.

The second gig was a four hours of continuous music cover band gig with the band Full Tilt.  Not only did the band not take a break for four hours;  most of the time the drummer went right into the next tune!  Michael Magno's band acted as rhythm section subs so those guys could step off for a couple of songs.  It was kind of insane, but the crowd hung with it much more than I thought they would.

Paul and I played on eleven tunes in those four hours, so mostly we sat at a table off to the side of the stage and people watched.

At 2 AM, the gig ended.  The client had paid for us to valet--nice!  In all the time I've worked in Atlanta, I've never entered or left through the front door of the Ritz.  The loading dock I know far too well.

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