Anchorman and Dark Side at the Variety Playhouse

Wow!  Great show.  We're really getting good at pulling something together at the last minute.  Yacht Rock played the Variety Playhouse last night (Saturday), performing the Anchorman soundtrack and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.  The Anchorman stuff came together in a couple of days--we decided on that album after a gig Tuesday, January 8, and then left on tour the next day.  I don't think anybody did any work on any of those songs until we got home the night of Monday, January 14.  We had rehearsals January 15 and 17, and played the thing Saturday, January 19.  That's called pulling it out of your ass.

with special guest Peter Stroud

I think we got everybody's best performance of this stuff at the gig.  On the Anchorman stuff, the only thing I really messed up was the string part to She's Gone (one which we play with some regularity).  The sax solo was pretty good, though.  In the Dark Side stuff, I missed an altissimo G# in the Money solo, and the butchered the rest of that phrase, but I got back on track.  Everything else was fine.

There are already some videos from the show posted on YouTube.

Here's She's Gone:

Here's Carry On Wayward Son:

Here's Grazin' in the Grass:

Here's Who's that Lady:

The encore was Led Zeppelin's Kashmir.  I think we nailed it.

Yacht Rock is headed to North Carolina for some shows this week!  We'll be at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh on Thursday and the Visualite Theatre in Charlotte on Friday.  We're also playing the Team Hidi Benefit at King Plow on Sunday night.  Come see us!

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