My AM church gig had a couple of subs--John Hancotte subbed for Charley on bass and Keith played organ in place of the absent Dustin and church organist Ira.  An unusual line up.  Other than that, it was a typical show--a couple of hymns, the big production number, a little soft-shoe closer.  

My PM church gig had an excellent mix going, thank you very much.  They repaired whatever issue was happening with the main speakers, so I got everything going in stereo again (panning things out).  The band leader said it was loud;  maybe my ears are messed up because of this cold, but it didn't seem loud to me.  I like it loud anyway.

My soprano is feeling/sounding so good these days!  I bought a new mouthpiece (a CE Winds Silver Socka) and tweaked a few of the adjustment screws in order to close a couple of leaks, and now it's exactly what I was hoping this combination would be.  It makes me look forward  to my church gigs again.  

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