Oh Atlanta!

Yacht Rock was back in Atlanta for a weekend of gigs.  In between gigs, Pete joked about trying to check in on the Delta app.  It's only half funny--looking at my Delta app as I write this, there are eleven more trips this year.  Damn.  Anyway...Atlanta!

Friday:  Due to all of our crazy calendar this year, this was our first available date to play the Park Tavern (in previous years we've averaged about once a month all summer long).  Pretty good crowd, around 800.

To change things up, we added a horn section for this show (Rob Opitz, trumpet and Sir Richard Serrington, trombone) with pretty good results.  My horn charts for Yacht Rock have only been used a couple of times in the entire existence of the band, so they still have a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out.  Regardless of that, though, it was nice to hang with some other horn players for a change.  I feel out of touch.

It was also nice to check in with Ganesh Giri Jaya, filling in for the vacationing Mark Cobb.  As usual, he did an excellent job, and hipped me to some cool new music by Mark Guiliana.  Check it out!

Saturday:  Venkman's.  Hooray for air conditioning.

No horns on this one (so I was more confident in what I was doing), and Daniel Morrison of the Yacht Rock Schooner played drums with us.  Solid gig.  I didn't screw up as much as the previous night.

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