Space is the Place

Cool random gig:  Yacht Rock played at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL.  We performed on a stage almost underneath a space shuttle.

I was really annoyed that my gear had to sit in the hot sun for several hours (beginning at load in and remaining there basically until the sun went down).  Bad luck on my part.

After soundcheck, we were able to tour some of the exhibits.  Here's one about camouflage.

And they had some helicopters.

Obviously, there were many, many rockets lined up as well, including a Saturn V.

Post tour, we had time to watch about half of the movie Space Camp.  Don't remember that one?  Don't worry about it.

Eventually, we played our gig--a two set night.  We had Dustin Cottrell (from the Yacht Rock Schooner) subbing for Bencuya.  Pretty easy gig, but nothing particularly noteworthy.

On the break, Pete and I talked to a lady who went on and on about how well we captured every song in the first set with the exception of Paul Simon's voice on Kodachrome.  It never ceases to amaze me how many people are so perfectly willing to give you a critique of your performance.

We closed with Rosanna, and Monkeyboy accidentally knocked my EWI during the synth solo.  He was horrified (thinking he'd knocked my teeth out or something), but there was no damage.  He was so upset that he cussed on the mic and got in trouble after the gig.  Oops.

fan photo courtesy of Randy Barber

This weekend, we're headed to Nashville (City Winery) on Friday and central Indiana (Mallow Run Winery) on Saturday.  

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