Park Tavern

The Yacht Rock Revue was back at the Park Tavern for our monthly show there.  We ended up with a pretty full crowd, with a massive number of walk-ups, topping out around eight hundred people.  Not the sell out we'd had in June, but pretty close!

photo swiped from the Park Tavern Facebook page

So...we added a new tune--Kissing My Love--a less well known cut from the Bill Withers songbook.  I'm not sure that it fulfilled the crowd's need to hear songs that are already cemented in their brains, but it was fun to play, and we added a flute solo at the end that was a fun challenge (basically a sixteen bar blues in Eb).

The only other notable song for me was the disaster of Islands in the Stream.  The song begins in C and modulates to Ab.  Soon after we made the move to Ab, my brain and my ear engaged in a tug of war, with the former trying like hell to convince the latter that we were really in Db.  Needless to say, I made a supreme mess of the string part.

Pretty lame solo on Taking it to the Streets.  As I play harder, my fingers and articulation get worse.  Yuck.

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